Decisions determine your future

Excel at them with behavioural psychology and neuroscience

Your brain makes 35,000 decisions a day

Fewer than 200 of these decisions are made consciously. How do you make the choices that determine your future and that of your organisation?

Decision-making is a skill. Experience and intuition are key but not always reliable without knowledge of psychology. We help organisations and professionals to make better decisions.

Our team of behavioural experts and neuropsychologists study the art and science of effective decision-making. The result is the simple and practical Brain & Behaviour methodology with which you can learn to understand, predict and guide choices and behaviour.

Brain-centric methodology
Attendees during the Brain & Behaviour Crash Course


Learn the fundamentals of behavioural psychology and neuroscience that help you understand, predict and guide the choices and behaviour of yourself and others.

  • 1-Day Brain & Behaviour Crash Course
Beirem at of Neurofied's breakfast sessions


Improve your organisational performance with scientific Brain & Behaviour insights in areas ranging from leadership and communication to strategy and execution.

  • In-house training
  • Strategic consulting
Jesse van der Meulen - Aimforthemoon

Our community loved Neurofied's Brain & Behaviour workshop. It helped us understand why customers want what they want and behave the way they do in building successful corporate-startups.

Jesse van der Meulen – Co-founder of Aimforthemoon
Neurofied has worked with team at Adidas, Tele2, KLM, PVH, KWF & KPN

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