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Make a list, and check it twice

Buying gifts is not as simple as walking out the door, picking up what your friends and family want (or need), and being back home within ten minutes. It’s a complicated and overwhelming happening. Often exploited by shops and their marketers. Why? Stressed out shoppers are easier to persuade into buying goods. Here’s a list […]

Pyramid of value – Photo by Holly Stratton

As a consumer, what are your go-to brands? What do you like about them? Now think of your brand. What do your customers love about it? What gives it an edge over your competitors? These factors determine the value of your brand. The perceived value of your company is vital to its success. When customers […]

Do you still think that neuromarketing is only for marketers? You don't have to be a marketer to benefit from neuromarketing

The term ‘neuromarketing’ implies that marketers benefit the most from learning applied neuromarketing. But, neuropsychological insights reach a much wider audience than only marketers. Of course, as a marketer, you want to increase conversion rates and persuade customers to buy. But, professionals in other fields can enjoy principles of neuromarketing as well. From CEOs and […]

Nudge consumers into buying with framing

Nudge customers with framing

We live in a world in which we are continuously flooded by advertisement. Turn on the radio, look at Youtube, or take a stroll through town: marketing is everywhere. As a consumer, we are exposed to an overload of stimuli. And as a marketer, there is a lot of competition to take on. You need […]

You are paying attention, aren't you?

At this moment, you are not as fully focused as you might think you are. It doesn’t even matter what it is you are doing, your attention is always somewhere else. Whether you are reading modern poetry or making an omelette, you are not, not ever, doing so 100% focused. Attention Attention is limited, and […]

Price pain: 5 lessons learned from a sushi bar

Every time we make a purchase, we experience a sense of pain. Two scientists by the names of Prelec & Loewenstein (1998) referred to this price pain as the “pain of paying”. Businesses should do what they can to keep this pain of paying at bay as much as possible. By selling products in such […]

Brain coral – Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson

Welcome back to Braintalk. A series of brain-related topics for marketers looking for business growth. By teaching you the basics you will get a better understanding of your customer’s brain. In the last two blogs, we talked about dopamine and serotonin. This time we will explain some basic facts about the brain’s structure and functions. […]

Emotional marketing: how to use emotions in your marketing

A lump in your throat. Laughing so hard your belly hurts. The feeling you’re the only person on the planet. These are all examples of feelings you will have felt at least once in your life. They are examples of emotions: our reaction towards an object, individual or surrounding. Emotions are accompanied by behavioural and […]

Emotion: an important factor driving consumer behaviour

Every day, we make countless decisions. Most of them are small decisions about our day-to-day activities that don’t take much thought. Occasionally there are important choices to be made that take some pondering. How do you make these decisions? You might identify yourself as an intuitive decision maker. Alternatively, perhaps you consider yourself to be […]

Top 20 must read neuromarketing books

We’ve selected 20 books about neuromarketing that we believe should be on your bookshelf. Some of them give you a broad overview of neuromarketing and others deep-dive into the conscious and subconscious brain. Influence By Robert B. Cialdini In his book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ (1984) Cialdini explains in detail the fundamental principles of […]

Ethics of neuromarketing

Ethics of neuromarketing

In this long-read, you will read about the ethics of neuromarketing practices and learn how it can improve –instead of ruin– your reputation. During the summer of 1957, social psychologist James Vicary shook the world with a controversial experiment. He secretly flashed messages about Coca-Cola and popcorn on the big screen. These messages were so […]

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