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Brain coral – Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson

Welcome back to Braintalk. A series of brain-related topics for marketers looking for business growth. By teaching you the basics you will get a better understanding of your customer’s brain. In the last two blogs we talked about dopamine and serotonin. This time we will explain some basic facts about the brain’s structure and functions. […]

Emotion: an important factor driving consumer behaviour

Every day, we make countless decisions. Most of them are small decisions about our day-to-day activities that don’t take much thought. Occasionally there are important choices to be made that take some pondering. How do you make these decisions? You might identify yourself as an intuitive decision maker. Or perhaps you consider yourself to be […]

Top 20 must read neuromarketing books

We’ve selected 20 books about neuromarketing that we believe should be on your book shelf. Some of them give you a broad overview of neuromarketing and others deep-dive into the conscious and subconscious brain. Influence By Robert B. Cialdini Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (1984) explains in detail the fundamental principles of persuasion that get […]

Ethics of neuromarketing

Ethics of neuromarketing

In this long-read you will read about the ethics of neuromarketing practices and learn how it can improve –instead of ruin– your reputation. In the summer of 1957, social psychologist James Vicary shook the world with a controversial experiment. In a cinema, he secretly flashed messages about Coca-Cola and popcorn on the big screen. These […]

Advertisement anno 2018 means competition. If you want to sell, you need to stand out. Be original. Push the right buttons. Convince your target audience. Luckily, marketers have been trying to look for the best and most efficient ways to do this since the beginning of  the previous century. This is how they invented the […]

Subconsciousness. You’ve without doubt seen this word pass by a few times in our blog. This is not a coincidence. Why? The subconscious state of the brain plays a huge role in our daily life and in neuromarketing. From the moment we learn to walk, start driving our first car or develop a hobby. At […]

Social selling with serotonin

Welcome back to Braintalk! A series of brain related topics to give you, as a marketer, more insight into the brain. With this knowledge you can improve your marketing strategy and ROI. Last time we talked about dopamine. We hope this excited you, because we will continue with these interesting things called neurotransmitters. This week, […]

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