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Advertisement in 2018 means competition. If you want to sell, you need to stand out. Be original. Push the right buttons. Convince your target audience. Luckily, marketers have been trying to look for the best and most efficient ways to do this since the beginning of the previous century. This is how they invented the […]

Subconsciousness. You’ve without doubt seen this word pass by a few times in our blog. That is not a coincidence. Why? The subconscious brain plays a huge role in our daily life and neuromarketing. From the moment we learn to walk, start driving our first car or develop a hobby. At some point, we own […]

How authority can improve your online marketing strategy

You’re watching a movie and a Colgate commercial is shown during the break. “Stronger and whiter teeth, a fresh breath and healthier gum. Switch now to Colgate, the number one toothpaste recommended by dental professionals”, as told by a smiling dentist. But is this really a dentist? He is wearing a white coat, so he […]

Social selling with serotonin

Welcome back to Braintalk! A series of brain-related topics to give you, as a marketer, more insight into the brain. With this knowledge, you can improve your marketing strategy and ROI. Last time we talked about dopamine. We hope this excited you because we will continue with these interesting things called neurotransmitters. This week, we […]

Neurofied Chatbot optimisation for online growth and more sales - Quriobot - Beirem Ben Barrah

It is nothing new for companies to offer ways to get in touch with someone from their team for any questions or comments. You can speak with a team member from Vodafone about your mobile contract, search Spotify for your favourite music or ask Apple what’s wrong with your Macbook. You probably experienced this: it’s […]

Imagine being at your friend’s birthday party. You have a drink, a chat, and then you notice this amazing looking buffet. You want to fill up your plate with all the delicious treats. However, your personal trainer who drags you into the gym every day is looking over your shoulder. Thinking about him and all […]

Follow the leader - Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

A Dutch saying goes “als een schaap over de dam is volgt de rest” (meaning if one sheep gets over the dam, the rest follows). We are probably not as dumb as sheep (although they are more intelligent than you think) but as humans, we also show a certain way of herd behaviour. Especially in […]

C-3PO or Threepio from Star Wars - Photo by jens johnsson

The world is changing. Artificial Intelligence is growing and becoming more and more visible, also in our everyday life. We all have used a chatbot before, but now supermarkets offer you the choice to pay at the grumpy lady of row number four, or quickly scan the groceries yourself and pay without any human interaction. […]

Get your dopamine shot

Welcome to the first part of Braintalk! A small series of brain-related topics, for you as a marketer to get a better understanding of this interesting organ. We will teach you basic knowledge, what goes on in your customers’ head and how to apply this to marketing and business. We kick-off with explaining something about […]

How to Optimise your Facebook Ads with Neuromarketing and Neurofied

So you want to improve your social advertising ROI? The Next Ad is a platform for data-based optimisations. What if we told you that you can also pre-optimise your Facebook ads based on how the human brain processes information? It’s called applied neuromarketing. In this article, you’ll learn some of the principles and techniques that […]

Webwinkel Vakdagen 2018 - Stand Afterpay

Two weeks ago, Neurofied was present at the Dutch eCommerce exhibition Webwinkel Vakdagen 2018. This exhibition is the biggest meeting place for supply and demand in the world of webshops. My mission was to wander around, observe and see how companies apply neuromarketing in the design of their stands. This may sound relaxing, but an […]

Scarcity: only one left

If you like to go on holiday, you probably have used Booking.com at least once in your life. During my travels, I used their app almost every day, in order to find myself a bed again for the night. How relaxing travelling may be, Booking.com always succeeded in making me nervous with their “hurry! We […]

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