Case: Adidas

Leveraging cognitive biases for stronger A/B testing

To boost Adidas's A/B test generation and evaluation, we leveraged conversion increasing behavioural tendencies. Our goal was to not only optimise testing, but also to maximise learnings.


The Global CRO team of 12 people was aware of the vast amount of psychological processes and cognitive biases that can be applied to conversion optimisation. Still, they were looking for assistance to increase the team's knowledge on leveraging cognitive biases in the process of generating and analysing A/B tests.


After our In-House Training, the CRO team gained insights in cognitive biases that could easily be applied to A/B tests throughout the customer journey. With this knowledge, the team was able to more efficiently generate, substantiate and prioritise new A/B test. This also enabled them to extract and apply learnings from the data that otherwise could not have been derived.

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