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What is Behavioural OCM?

Whether you are deploying a digital transformation, implementing new systems or software, or completely shifting the culture of your company: behavior matters most in managing organizational change.

Behavioral OCM leverages insights from psychology and neuroscience which we turn into evidence-based strategies and interventions that promote effective and lasting change.

Where would you involve a behavioral specialist into your change team?

Brain & Behavior in Change Management

The root cause of many failed change projects lies in the fact that many 20th-century change models do not reflect human behavior in 21st-century organizations. Let’s rethink change through the lens of behavioral science.

Our solutions

These are examples of change projects we work on with our clients.

Behavioral Research

Growth Mindset

Diversity & Inclusion

Decision Leadership

Process Optimization

Learning & Development

Customer Experience

Behavioral Risk

Types of OCM Projects

People & Cultural Change

There are many ways in which your people and culture change continuously and some examples of how we can help are…

✔️ building cultures of trust, inclusion, growth, and experimentation
✔️embedding habits into people’s daily practice
✔️ overcoming resistance to change

Way of Working change

We often transition from one way of working to the next. Each of the methodologies below revolves around thinking in a new way to make new decisions which cause different behaviors, leading to better results.

Some examples of projects in which we can support you are…

✔️ Hybrid: working digitally from home
✔️ Project management: lean, agile, six sigma, scrum
✔️ Quality control: Business Process Re-engineering, Total Quality Management, Enterprise Resource Planning

Transformational Change

Big transformations often revolve around changing behavior. Behavioral insights can help with…

✔️ Digital transformations
✔️ Leadership transformations
✔️ HR transformations

Systems & Process Change

When a lot of people in your organization have to adopt a new process or use new software, behavioral insights are very useful, especially in…

✔️ integrating stakeholder feedback into the communication and adoption strategy
✔️ facilitating decision-making and planning strategy and sessions
✔️ aligning the current way of working with the requirements


Relocations of large-scale operations are challenging because they require both swift decision-making and strong planning skills along with operational excellence. We can help by…

✔️ providing science-backed decision-making and planning tools
✔️ driving and adapting the change process to the situation
✔️ facilitating sessions with key stakeholders

Mergers & Acquisition

Naturally, we don’t manage M&A projects ourselves but our behavioral expertise will be valuable in many ways such as…

✔️assessing cultural fit between two or more companies
✔️ merging company cultures (corporates vs. start-ups)
✔️ aligning different ways of working

When to involve us?

Change is not static, but an agile process that unlocks continuous improvement. We can help you unlock this, especially when…

✔️ you are or want to become a people-first organization.
✔️ you plan to change but aren’t sure where to get started.
✔️ you experience change fatigue or feel stuck mid-transition.

Brain & Behaviour

Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Change starts and ends with people. A big part of our role is to..

    ✔️ optimise the flow of communication
    ✔️ align with key stakeholders
    ✔️ ensure leadership buy-in

  • Our brains are hardwired to resist change, which impacts planning & decision-making. We battle these biases through…

    ✔️ tools for improved decision-making and planning
    ✔️ mitigating and managing behavioral risk
    ✔️ removing unconscious barriers of change

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast, but only when culture is well-defined and brought to the forefront of change.

    ✔️ Behavioral risk management & mitigation
    ✔️ Removing unconscious barriers of change
    ✔️ Tools for planning & decision-making

  • Communication explains why and how, adoption can help with the how and what.

    ✔️ Adapting communication and adoption needs to stakeholder feedback
    ✔️ Creating the communication strategy and assist in implementation
    ✔️ Designing science-backed behavioral interventions

  • What gets measured, gets managed. Data will help us streamline the change process.

    ✔️ Identifying critical success & failure factors early on
    ✔️ Doing research and interviews to gather data
    ✔️ Adapting change process based on data

Case Study: PVH Transformation

  • PVH digital showrooms

    PVH is an innovative global fashion & lifestyle company operating brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. They run a network of 30+ Digital Showrooms and are scaling up support globally.

    We did a 6-month change management project with the Digital Product and Tech teams to optimize their support scaling strategy, facilitate a human-centric implementation, and train key stakeholders.

Getting started with our Quickscan

To show you the value of what we do, we have designed a 20-hour consulting project in which we analyze your challenge or case and share science-backed improvement opportunities and custom business solutions.

✔️ Kick-off & alignments with your team so you can see how behavioral insights directly drive change
✔️ Stakeholder interviews and process/documentation analysis
✔️ Reporting key insights and optimization plan with low effort, high impact strategies and tactics for better results
✔️ Final delivery and hand-over

Our Quickscan is €2495 excl. VAT and we will discuss your ideal outcome and deliverables before the kick-off sprint. Examples of our Quickscans are behavioral change/risk, customer journey/UX, and learning & development.


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