eCommerce Growth Program (eGP)

Want an online business?

You have a great business idea and want to start selling online. Now you just have to build a webshop. This is the heart of any eCommerce business and the pitfall of most internet entrepreneurs. You understand the business side, but the technology side is time consuming and hard to get right. Insert our eCommerce Growth Program (eGP).

Ready in 3 months

Within three months your webshop will be up-and-running. After six months, your webshop is optimised and automated. In the meantime, you can focus on growing your business instead of spending nights figuring out how WordPress works.

You will have a partner that takes care of the technical stuff and makes sure you end up with a highly persuasive webshop.

Phase 1: Ready?

Designing the system. Together, we will analyse your target audience, value proposition, and Unique Selling Points to ensure you add value. We will combine these insights with several neuropsychology-based tools to build a core story that can be used anywhere you spread the word about your online business.

Build your brand

The next step is to translate all of this to a brand style. What colors and fonts are most likely to help you realize your vision? What shapes or visuals bring to mind the right associations with your target audience. At the end of this phase, you will have a concrete brand-style document that you can use forever.

Phase 2: Set

Setting up the system. We will create your website, including an effective funnel, persuasive copy and visuals, and strong Call-to-Actions. Next, it is time to turn your website into a webshop. This includes integrating eCommerce and administrative software, fulfilling legal duties, and setting up customer support tools.

Collect insights

Now that you have a working webshop, capturing data becomes essential. We will set up your Google Analytics, Hotjar, and CRM so that you can easily collect insights about your traffic, users, and sales. Finally, it’s time to set up your mailing list, social media accounts, and include a review system to facilitate online growth.

Phase 3: Launch!

Streamlining the system. The final step is to optimise everything we created up till now. eCommerce is all about trust and usability, which is why we combine our technical and neuropsychological experience for better results. Among others, the loading speed, funnel, and buying process will be optimised.

Optimise and automate

The growth systems are next. Should you have a newsletter or a social media strategy? Maybe a personalized landing page or a chatbot will help you increase sales. This is also where we improve your SEO so you can be found online. After a final quality control of your traffic, conversion, and retention, we officially hand you the keys.

Let's get it started 🎶

That’s it! In six months you will have a fully working eCommerce business that is ready for explosive growth. It will be built for efficiency so you can spend your time on the things you are good at. In addition, you will know that your webshop works with -instead of against- our brain and is highly persuasive.

Do you want to run your own eCommerce business? Fill in the form below and let’s take this relationship one step further! 😉

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