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Brain & Behaviour psychologists

Understanding and predicting people's behaviour is both complex and key.

Whether they're customers, employees or investors, our own effectiveness depends on how well we understand their thinking and behavioural tendencies. And still, most of us aren't trained in psychology.

What if you could involve an expert psychologist in people-related key activities? Would you let her improve your customer profile, optimise your content or improve your website conversion? You finally can. Our team of cognitive neuropsychologists are ready to help you.

Equipped with a psychological toolkit on understanding and nudging customer behaviour, they will help you improve performance. Whether that is your NPS score, conversion or ROI. Strengthen your team with external support previously unimaginable.

Increased understanding

Understand customer behaviour

Insights from data

Extract more insights from data

Customer expactations

Align with customer expectations


Improve decision-making

Where to involve us?

Strategic support

Better decision-making with science-based psychology.

Value proposition

Truly empathise with your audience's pain points.

CRO analysis

A/B test more efficiently and extract more insights from data.

Ad analysis

Guide attention and motivate the desired behaviour in your audience.

Sales analysis

Leverage cognitive biases to lower the buying threshold.

Social analysis

Streamline your social outreach by using emotional appeal.

Pricing analysis

Shift your audience's perception with pricing psychology.

Content analysis

Align your communication with your audience and evoke desire.

Support analysis

Exceed customer expectations with your unique "wow" moment.

Persuasive design

Optimise your product or website UX with brain insights.

Persuasive copy

Use subtle nudges to drive up conversion with your content.

Persuasive communication

Nudge people towards action in emails, calls and speeches.
Bas van der Pol

"Very impressed by Neurofied's knowledge regarding Cognitive Biases and their application in CRO"

Bas van de Pol – Global Director Conversion Optimisation at adidas Group

Getting started

Step 1.

Situation sharing

Let us know what your core projects, key activities and main obstacles are.

Step 2.

Spot opportunities

Together, we'll list the ways in which our team can add the most value.

Step 3.

Plan and execute

We make an action plan and start delivering results the same month.

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