Upgrade your marketing & CRO team with applied psychology skills

and solve your unique case under expert guidance.

Curious how applied neuromarketing will help grow your business?

and we'll show you how.

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Workshop explained

Your customers make 95% of their decisions subconsciously. We can teach you to grow your business by tapping into this unused potential. In this workshop, you learn to apply neuromarketing and solve your business case under expert guidance.

Understanding the fundamentals of behavioural psychology and neuroscience helps you boost your ROI.

Convert your customers by leveraging their psychological biases and tendencies, resulting in better copy, efficient A/B testing and more effective ads.

You pick a unique challenge and together with your marketing & CRO team, we solve your case. Get direct results and lasting insights for better future results.

What is Applied Neuromarketing?

Applied neuromarketing is understanding and changing customer behaviour with brain & behaviour insights. It is a valuable perspective for anyone who inspires better performance.

Let us teach you the behaviour-changing tactics used by the world’s leading companies. And use them to grow your business.

"Perfect workshop for an introduction to neuromarketing and its application in our online adidas environment"

Bas van de Pol – Global Director Conversion Optimisation at adidas Group

Skills you will gain

Understand your customer
Learn how your customers think and make decisions to align your message with their needs

Better decision making
Improve your ROI & conversion by understanding and leveraging our natural tendencies

Practical tactics
See direct results by applying some of our actionable and psychology-based tactics

“Neurofied gave our clients a super insightful and inspiring neuromarketing workshop. The theory was very useful and there were many practical tips they could use directly”

Robert van Eekhout – Co-founder at Van Ons

Who should join?

  • Marketers
  • CRO experts
  • Growth hackers
  • Content writers
  • Product Owners
  • Founders & Executives
  • Social media & customer support
  • .. anyone who needs to persuade others

We’ve trained people from startups, scale-ups,
SMBs, corporates and non-profits. 

Curious how applied neuromarketing will help grow your business?

and we'll show you how.

Better results in

Picture of Evert


Picture of Evert

A/B testing

Picture of Beirem


Picture of Beirem

Email marketing

Jesse van der Meulen

“Our community loved Neurofied's applied neuromarketing workshop. It helped us understand best why customers want what they want and behave the way they do in building successful corporate-startups”

Jesse van der Meulen – Co-founder at Aimforthemoon

Your case

Want to see direct results? Luckily, you won’t only learn to apply behavioural psychology and neuroscience, but also solve your unique case the same day.

You give us your unique business case, we solve it with our applied neuromarketing toolkit and together we engineer the solution. Learn by doing.

Increase your landing page conversion rate, build more persuasive emails & connect with your customer through colourful copy.

Potential themes

Efficient A/B testing

CRO & advertising
Data is the future of marketing, but only when combined with psychology. Choose your tests based on relevant tendencies.

Persuasive communication

Content & Copywriting
Psychology is the source of all communication. Understanding how we think allows you to guide decisions and behaviour.

Nudging decisions

Services & Pricing
Our decision-making is always influenced by context. Applying the principles allows you to increase the chances of a favoured outcome.

Conversion optimisation

Website & Advertising
Converting people into followers, clients or ambassadors is very similar. Use cognitive biases to remove friction and spur action.

Workshop experts

Philip Jordanov

Cognitive neuropsychologist

Brain & cognition,
decision-making, communication, tactical

Picture of Beirem

Beirem Ben Barrah

Growth strategist

Entrepreneur, growth & marketing, persuasion, communication, strategic

Picture of Evert

Dr Evert Semeijn

PhD neuropsychologist

Neuropsychology, attention, emotions, eCommerce, technology, practical

In-house workshop LABFRESH

“Neuromarketing is a really powerful tool for any eCommerce business. The workshop was very insightful”

Orsi Szentes – Head of Growth at LABFRESH

Curious how applied neuromarketing will help grow your business?

and we'll show you how.

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