Braintalk #1: The dopeness of dopamine

Welcome to the first part of Braintalk! A small series of brain-related topics, for you as a marketer to get…

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How to Optimise your Facebook Ads with Neuromarketing and Neurofied

How to Optimise your Facebook Ads with Neuromarketing

So you want to improve your social advertising ROI? The Next Ad is a platform for data-based optimisations. What if…

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Stand out from the crowd - Photo by Tobias Cornille

Standing out from the crowd

The do’s and don’ts at an exhibition hall Two week ago, Neurofied was present at the Dutch eCommerce exhibition Webwinkel…

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Crypto 101 voor ondernemers

Dagelijks hoor je het voorbij komen. Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain. ICO’s. Dat het vaak over digitaal geld gaat weten inmiddels de meeste…

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Hurry! Only one left

How scarcity can improve your sales If you like to go on holiday, you probably have used at least…

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Less is more, more is less - Photo by Jason Blackeye

Less is more, more is less

Why your sales will increase by offering fewer products It’s Saturday evening and you’re planning to have a romantic date…

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