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Understanding people is the primary skill you need in your professional life. To get things done, you need to empathise and align with others. Disciplines such as psychology and behavioural science play a key role. We simplify science and make it practical.

Brain & Behaviour shows you the invisible patterns and motives behind decisions. Learn how you can change the behaviour of yourself and the people around you for better performance.

Brain & Behaviour Crash Course

You want to develop yourself in understanding thought patterns, decisions and changing behaviour with psychology. In this 1-day Crash Course you will learn to apply this knowledge in practice.

Ferdinand Goetzen

Since taking Neurofied’s Brain & Behaviour Crash Course, our growth team at Recruitee has been applying behavioural psychology more effectively to all our growth experiments

Ferdinand Goetzen – Director of Marketing & Growth at 3D Hubs (formerly Recruitee)

Do you see opportunities for your organisation instead?

Are you here to improve the performance of your entire team or organisation instead of just yourself?

We also offer in-house trainings and consulting on applying Brain & Behaviour to your topics of choice, ranging from leadership and management to growth and communication.

Read more about how we strengthen our corporate customers with debiased decision-making.

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