Brain & Behaviour Crash Course

Understanding, predicting and guiding decisions and behaviour

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Master the mindset and skills of Brain & Behaviour in one day

Understanding people is an essential skill for any professional. But behaviour often seems complex and unpredictable.

This is because 95% of the choices we make are subconscious. In the Brain & Behaviour Crash Course you will learn to apply powerful psychological principles to guide and change subconscious drivers of behaviour.

The Brain & Behaviour mindset

Why the Crash Course?

Learn the fundamentals of Brain & Behaviour in one day with a focus on understanding, predicting and guiding decisions and behaviour. You will learn relevant theory, practical applications and start working on your unique business challenge & context the same day.

Develop the psychological mindset and skills that you will be able to work with afterwards. And meet other professionals who also want to learn to apply psychology.

What’s the Crash Course like?

1. Persuasion in action

You take a look into the world of invisible influences and get straight to work. Learn how large companies apply psychology and influence behaviour.

2. Brain & Behaviour

Everything you need to know about our brain. Learn what the main drivers are behind our decisions and get to know the 5 basic principles of human behaviour.

3. Information processing

How do decisions develop in our brains? You will learn how our brain converts information into decisions and behaviour, and how you can have an influence on this.

4. Cognitive biases

Decisions are influenced by thinking errors (cognitive biases). You get to work with a toolbox full of biases that guide and influence behaviour.

5. Behavioural change

How does it work in reality? After this module you will master the three steps of effective and lasting behavioural change.

6. Business case

Now get to work. The last part of the day is all about applying Brain & Behaviour to your business case.



09:30 Walk-in
10:00 Start
12:30 Lunch
16:00 Ceremony

Who’s it for?

  • Marketers
  • Product owners
  • Content Writers
  • Growth Hackers
  • Sales representatives

What do I get from the Crash Course?

In an intensive one-day training you will learn:

  • How our brain makes choices
  • How to predict, guide and influence these choices
  • Apply powerful psychological principles and tactics to change behaviour
  • The most important insights from 4 decades of research in behavioural science
  • The core of 100+ books on applied psychology and neuroscience
  • How to apply Brain & Behaviour in your unique business case

Our alumni say

A lot of valuable information, well substantiated with explanation and clear examples. Well done.

Very clear structure of course, good transition from theory into more practical appliances. Fun examples. Great lunch.

Fluent speakers, interesting topics, clear storyline. Answers to all my questions. I liked it all.

So much valuable information. You guys really know what you are talking about.

Great combination of theory and practice. Very interactive and a fun ambiance.

Very informative yet funny and relatable.

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Brain & Behaviour Crash Course

Location: Amsterdam


Brain & Behaviour Crash Course

Location: Amsterdam


Brain & Behaviour Crash Course

Location: Amsterdam

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