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Brain & Behavior training

Learn what drives people’s decisions and how to change behavior with science-based insights and tools. Brain & behavior training is highly actionable, easy to apply, and with measurable results.

Here you’ll find our trainings that will help you excel in understanding and changing behavior in your profession. All of which include:

  • access to our behavioral change database with 200+ biases and tactics
  • life-long access to our community of behavioral specialists and alumni.
  • Brain & Behavior certificates to upgrade your CV or Linkedin profile.

Brain & Behavior Training themes

Growth & Conversion

Biases | nudging | attention | perception

Optimize your conversion by learning to apply powerful psychological principles to marketing campaigns, landing pages, customer journeys and sales funnels.

UX & Design

Attention | Friction | Emotion

Master the principles of behavioral design by applying insights in user psychology and neuroscience to products and services for a better user experience.

Sales & Persuasion

Communication | nudging | empathy

Become skilled in persuasive communication and tactical empathy to close more sales and build better relationships with your audience or clients.

Talent development

Motivation | Empathy | Decisions

How do you empower your employees to maximize their learning and long-term performance with science-backed guidelines?

Behavioral change

Friction | Emotion | Communication

Most change initiatives fail because they focus on rational methods. Learn how to drive human-centric transformations with Brain & Behavior.

Performance habits

Attention | Perception | Memory

Create and optimize your work environment to facilitate workflow habits that lead to optimal performance and employee well-being.

Innovation mindset

Biases | Decision | Motivation

Innovation is hard and many biases are psychological obstacles. Cultivate a mindset which drives innovative ideas, both incremental and disruptive.

Concept validation

Friction | Attention | Biases

Validating your innovations is filled with pitfalls. Know the biases to watch out for and learn to apply science-backed frameworks and best-practices.

Scientific innovation

Decisions | Motivation | Biases

Get inspired by the many theories & ideas from science that are waiting to be turned into value for consumers and organizations by innovators.


Decisions | Empathy | Motivation

Transform your leadership skills using breakthroughs in the psychology & neuroscience behind decision-making, performance, and change.

Behavioral strategy

Decisions | Behavior | Friction

Gain science-backed tools to design effective decision-making processes and turn them into lasting behavioral change across your organization.

Peak performance

Motivation | Friction | Perception

Master the mindset and tools of peak performance to regulate stress, develop grit, and unlock creativity without overburdening your own mind.

Brain & Behavior

Behavior | Nudging | Biases

Inspire your team with simple & practical science. Learn about the brain-centric approach, cognitive biases, Brain & Behavior principles, nudging, and much more.

Cognitive biases

Biases | Communication | Behavior

What patterns guide subconscious behavior? Learn to identify, mitigate, and overcome unconscious biases that impact the way we think, decide and act.

Brain & Behavior training topics

You choose the training theme, we match the most relevant topics.
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Neuroleadership masterclass at Nyenrode Business University

Philip Jordanov and Beirem Ben Barrah spent years teaching “Decision-Making for Leaders under Stress and Uncertainty” in the neuroleadership masterclass at Nyenrode, the leading business university of the Netherlands.

This seemed to be valuable information for a broad audience: from hospital directors and politicians to CEOs and the Royal Police. In this 2.5 hour training, you will learn many things including…

  • which two ways of thinking we have and why this is relevant to know
  • which cognitive biases or systematic thinking patterns influence the decisions of each and every human
  • Smart and effective interventions for better decision-making and planning

We now offer this masterclass Neuroleadership & Decision-making in-house to organizations like yours.

Beirem Ben Barrah en Philip Jordanov van Neurofied bij de Nyenrode Neuroleiderschap masterclass
Beirem Ben Barrah - Nyenrode Neurofied - Neuroleiderschap masterclass

A selection of our proud clients

Neurofied clients: Tesla, Adidas, Bol, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, Essent, Deloitte, ABN AMRO, Tele2

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