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About us

Helping teams and organizations apply behavioral psychology and neuroscience

Neurofied is the premier specialized consultancy in Europe for
applying behavioral psychology and neuroscience to organizational change management.

About Neurofied

Neurofied is a behavioral science consulting and training company that helps organizations apply insights and interventions from behavioral psychology and neuroscience. Every organization is fundamentally in the business of changing behavior. Consider us your behavioral business partner who translates science into practical solutions and actual change. We help you build behavioral capabilities internally.

Since 2018, we have trained thousands of professionals and worked with over 100 management, HR, growth, and innovation teams of organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Deloitte, Novo Nordisk, ABN AMRO, and the Dutch government. We are also frequent speakers at universities and conferences.

Our mission is to democratize the value of behavioral science for teams and organizations. We believe that making organizations more human-centric and evidence-based will help them streamline their processes, increase collaboration, and raise employee engagement.

Meet our core team

Aisha Abdelhafez - Neurofied team behavioral insights and marketing

Aisha Abdelhafez

Jr. Behavioral Consultant
Alex Halkidis (Jr. Behavioral Consultant at Neurofied)

Alex Halkidis

Jr. Behavioral Consultant
Maarten Bronkhorst

Maarten Bronkhorst

Senior Sales Manager
Christine van Nooijen

Christine van Nooijen

Brain & Behavior Researcher
Benjamin Davey

Benjamin Davey

Brain & Behavior Researcher
Peter van der Gorsel - Neurofied

Peter van Gorsel

Senior Advisor
Philip Jordanov - Neurofied - cognitive neuropsychologist and lead consultant & trainer

Philip Jordanov

Lead Brain & Behavior Consultant
Beirem Ben Barrah

Beirem Ben Barrah

Founder & CEO

Meet our trusted partners

Dr Marcia Goddard Neurofied

Dr. Marcia Goddard

People & Culture
Bram Voncken Neurofied

Bram Voncken

Change Management
Jeroen van der Brugge De Pinpointer Neurofied partner

Jeroen van der Brugge

Roos van Duijnhoven - Neurofied partner

Roos van Duijnhoven

Behavior Change & Product Development
Francesco Chevallard

Francesco Chevallard

Digital Transformation
Marco Wijnakker Neurofied

Marco Wijnakker

10X Sprints & Change
Sonja Vlaar

Sonja Vlaar

Resilience & High performance
Daniel Lock - Neurofied partner in change management

Daniel Lock

Change Management
Guy Shpak PH.D.

Dr. Guy Shpak

Social Neurophysiology
Haris Mexas Neurofied Partner specialized in Coaching

Haris Mexas

ICF-accredited Coach
Rodney Frank organizational development and Diversity & Inclusion - Neurofied partner

Rodney Frank

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Gaurav Lakhwani - Neurofied partner in change management and digital transformation

Gaurav Lakhwani

Digital Transformation & Change Management

The Neurofied Assurance

Transparency, trust, and flexibility are the cornerstones of our engagement policy.
Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

Open Communication

From project inception to completion, we maintain a clear line of communication to keep you well-informed at every stage.

Tailored to Your Needs

Every organization is unique so we provide tailor-made strategies that resonate with your organizational culture and objectives.

Going the Extra Mile

Your success is our success. We are committed to pushing boundaries to ensure we achieve positive and lasting change together.

Ethical and Inclusive

Our strategies aim for inclusivity and equity, embodying practices that drive change and foster a culture of fairness & respect.

As your behavioral business partner, we help you navigate organizational change, grounded in science, driven by results, and guided by ethics.

Neurofied clients: Tesla, Adidas,, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, essent, deloitte, abn amro, tele2, Novo Nordisk, ANWB, Johnson & Johnson, RWS

Neurofied’s Areas of Expertise

Evidence-based change management by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

Applied behavioral science for positive and lasting organizational change.

Employee Engagement and Growth Mindset by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

Applied behavioral science for a happy, motivated, and productive workforce.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

Applied behavioral science for an inclusive culture that leverages diversity.

Leadership Development by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

Applied behavioral science for effective, adaptable, and resilient leaders.

Our Services


Request a speaker, tailored training, or training program.


Solve organizational challenges with behavioral insights and interventions.

Neurofied Change Management

Change Management

Add behavioral expertise to your change management team.

Ready to transform your organization?

Unlock the power of behavioral science for lasting change.

Share your context and challenges with us in a free 60-minute consultation. Walk away with actionable behavioral insights and interventions, tailored to your needs, that can be turned into a comprehensive proposal.

Customer Journey training with brain and behavior insights by Neurofied