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Why we're doing this

Brain & Behaviour Crash Course

Understanding people is an essential skill but we see a gap between business and science, especially in psychology. Professionals know what to do from experience and intuition. Academics know why it works, but they're rarely good at real-life application. Neurofied bridges this gap with Brain & Behaviour.

The biggest problem among professionals is simply not understanding the people around you. We believe that this problem can be solved by training in the psychology behind decisions and behaviour. If normal education does not offer this, we will.

How we do this

1-Day Neuromarketing Crash Course

Our team of behavioural experts and neuropsychologists transforms the most important theories into simple and practical frameworks, tools and tactics that anyone can use. The foundation of behavioural psychology and neuroscience is broad, making it easy to apply.

Brain & Behaviour is designed for business growth, process optimisation and professional development. The core idea is that everything related to human behaviour can be changed and improved. From understanding people and predicting choices, to guiding and changing behaviour.

What we do

1-Day Neuromarketing Crash Course

We help organisations and professionals to make better decisions with training and consulting. By translating insights from science into strategy and execution, we develop training courses, tools and content for our clients to improve organisational performance.

Join a Brain & Behaviour Crash Course, ask about an in-house training or contact us for a consulting project or collaboration. Learn the psychological mindset, tools and tactics you need to excel in today's complex world.

We've trained people at

Neurofied has worked with team at companies like Adidas, Tele2, KLM, PVH, KWF & KPN

Meet the team

Leonie Peiffer

Leonie Peiffer

Content creator

Casper Prinsen

Applied psychologist
Lotte Visser

Lotte Visser

Jr. Cognitive Neuropsychologist
Philip Jordanov

Philip Jordanov

Cognitive Neuropsychologist
Peter van Gorsel

Peter van Gorsel

Business Architect
Beirem Ben Barrah

Beirem Ben Barrah

Co-founder & Strategist
Dr. Evert Semeijn

Evert Semeijn, Ph.D.

Co-founder & Neuropsychologist

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