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Areas of Expertise

Leveraging brain & behavioral science to drive positive change

We are a team of behavioral scientists who specialize in applying insights from behavioral science and cognitive neuropsychology to organizational challenges. This page shows a few of the areas of expertise in which our clients have previously requested our assistance.

Evidence-Based Change

Organizations are constantly adapting to the 21st century and change is a constant. This starts with behavioral change and then integrates processes and technology for organizational adoption.

The effectiveness of your interventions are highly dependent on an understanding of human behavior and decision-making, two areas which we have years of teaching and consulting experience.

Neurofied Brain and Behavior Training

Growth Mindset

A Growth Mindset refers to whether people believe they can develop their talents and skills through commitment, education, and perseverance. This has become increasingly vital for organizations.

The Growth Mindset framework was created by a developmental psychologist and effective cultural adoption requires a people-centric, behaviorally informed, and tailored approach.

Neurofied Change programs Consulting

Diversity & Inclusion

Any organization should recognize the value of combining the best of what all people have to offer. Not (only) with unconscious bias training but with an evidence-based and people-centric approach.

We help you leverage the effective process interventions that behavioral science has identified  to help drive effective, positive, and lasting behavior in the workplace.

Neurofied Change programs Consulting

Customer Journey

The customer journey is essential for every organization and understanding human behavior helps optimize it. It also helps align all teams and drive conversion and retention when done well.

Our behavioral specialists can help identify gaps in your customer journey and increase communication and process quality between your customer-facing teams with evidence-based interventions.

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