Client cases

These cases are stories of what we achieve with our clients

PVH – Digital Transformation (Change)

PVH is an American clothing company, owning brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. They are technological frontrunners in the fashion industry, piloting disruptive sustainability initiatives like the Digital Showroom. To drive innovation, PVH is constantly changing in terms of technology, process, and people’s behaviour.

Since 2019, PVH Europe’s Technology and Digital Sales departments worked with Neurofied on streamlining their way of working and driving change across the organisation. This case is the story of how PVH transitioned to future-proof Tech Support with Neurofied as organisational change management (OCM) partner.

PVH digital showrooms
KWF case donations conversion cases

Dutch Cancer Society – Donations (Conversion)

Every year, the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)  raises funds for cancer treatment and research through their campaign: ‘Lanterns for Loved Ones’. KWF encourages donors to personify their donations through real life lanterns, which are lit collectively at the end of the campaign. The result is breathtaking, year after year.

Throughout our collaboration on KWF’s yearly campaign, we have implemented many psychological insights to increase donation behaviour in an ethical and innovative way. All of these individual nudges connect to an overarching behavioural strategy.

Nyenrode – Neuroleadership (Training)

Next to leading scientists like Erik Scherder and Edgar Karssing, Neurofied (Philip Jordanov & Beirem Ben Barrah) was a speaker at the Neuroleadership Masterclass at Nyenrode Business University. We taught leaders how to make better decisions, especially under stress and uncertainty.

The 2.5 hour neuroleadership masterclass is filled with concepts like System 1 & 2, predictably irrational, pattern recognition, choice architecture, and cognitive biases. These cases were very relevant for the hospital directors, politicians, C-level executives, and the Royal Police.

Neurofied Nyenrode neuroleadership masterclass neuroleiderschap masterclass Beirem Ben Barrah cases

A selection of our proud clients

Neurofied clients: Tesla, Adidas, Bol, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, Essent, Deloitte, ABN AMRO, Tele2

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To show you the value of what we do, we have designed a 20-hour consulting project in which we analyse your challenge or case and share science-backed improvement opportunities and custom business solutions.

✔️ Kick-off & alignments with your team so you can see how behavioural insights directly drive change
✔️ Stakeholder interviews and process/documentation analysis
✔️ Reporting key insights and optimisation plan with low effort, high impact strategies and tactics for better results
✔️ Final delivery and hand-over

Our Quickscan is €2495 excl. VAT and we will discuss your ideal outcome and deliverables before the kick-off sprint. Examples of our Quickscans are behavioural change/risk, customer journey/UX, and learning & development.


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