Client cases

These cases are stories of what we achieve with our clients

Diversity & Inclusion in the Public Sector (Training)

We trained 45 government officials of a large department in the Dutch Ministry in applying evidence-based interventions to promote diversity and inclusion (D&I)  on the working floor. Despite their best attempts, institutions can often fail to successfully engage in D&I due to behavioral barriers  and unconscious biases in recruitment, selection, promotion, retention, and organizational culture. This training focused on overcoming these barriers with scientifically proven, measurable solutions from behavioral science.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Public Sector
evidence-based change training in healthcare

Evidence-Based Change Training in Healthcare

Moving towards a patient-centered, circular, and sustainable future, the healthcare industry has entered into what might be their most impactful transition yet. In the midst of these challenges characterized by uncertainty and complexity is a critical driver for success: human behavior.

We co-created this evidence-based change training in healthcare with our client for their two-day conference. We delivered a keynote on leading evidence-based change combined with three workshops in which the attendees implemented these proven behavioral change interventions in tailored cases.

Change Training in Ecommerce

We worked with a leading ecommerce webshop in the Netherlands to help their commercial department thrive in an unpredictable market. They asked us to help them create a culture of continuous improvement through constructive conflict among 90 of their retail leaders and managers.

In this case study, you will read about our evidence-based change training in ecommerce for this leading online retailer. We can easily adapt the masterclass and workshops with tailored cases to your unique team, organization, or industry.

Evidence-based change training in ecommerce
Energy transition

Growth Mindset in the Energy Transition (Change)

We work with a leading energy provider in the Netherlands. One of their top priorities is the energy transition, which calls for structural changes and a global shift towards renewable energy. To become thrive in a changing world, they decided to nurture a Growth Mindset culture and asked us to lead this change effort.

This case is anonymized according to our client’s policy but we can share the situation, approach, and some of the resulting insights and interventions. If you’re considering a Growth Mindset initiative, this will be a very informative read.

Compliance in Financial Institutions (Change)

Especially since the 2008 crisis, financial institutions are under constant regulatory scrutiny and carry a heavy responsibility regarding ethical behavior and conduct. We worked with a leading financial institution in the Netherlands to increase their compliance and anonymized this case in line with their policy.

Taking these responsibilities head on, our client houses a center of expertise (CoE) dedicated to behavior. We teamed up with their in-house experts to provide specialized neuroscience expertise and co-create behaviorally informed solutions to promote ethical conduct and behavioral compliance on a global scale.

Compliance in Financial institutions
customer journey in online retail

Customer Journey in Online Retail

We worked with a leading e-commerce webshop in the Netherlands, known for their massive assortment, extensive supplier network, and lightning fast shipping. We got in touch with their Customer Journey Excellence (CJE) team and kicked off with a Brain & Behavior Strategy Session. This case is the story of how we helped apply behavioral insights to different stages of the customer journey in online retail.

PVH – Digital Transformation (Change)

PVH is an American clothing company, owning brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. They are technological frontrunners in the fashion industry, piloting disruptive sustainability initiatives like the Digital Showroom. To drive innovation, PVH is constantly changing in terms of technology, process, and people’s behaviour.

Since 2019, PVH Europe’s Technology and Digital Sales departments worked with Neurofied on streamlining their way of working and driving change across the organisation. This case is the story of how PVH transitioned to future-proof Tech Support with Neurofied as organisational change management (OCM) partner.

PVH digital showrooms
KWF case donations conversion cases

Dutch Cancer Society – Donations (Conversion)

Every year, the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)  raises funds for cancer treatment and research through their campaign: ‘Lanterns for Loved Ones’. KWF encourages donors to personify their donations through real life lanterns, which are lit collectively at the end of the campaign. The result is breathtaking, year after year.

Throughout our collaboration on KWF’s yearly campaign, we have implemented many psychological insights to increase donation behaviour in an ethical and innovative way. All of these individual nudges connect to an overarching behavioural strategy.

Nyenrode – Neuroleadership (Training)

Next to leading scientists like Erik Scherder and Edgar Karssing, Neurofied (Philip Jordanov & Beirem Ben Barrah) was a speaker at the Neuroleadership Masterclass at Nyenrode Business University. We taught leaders how to make better decisions, especially under stress and uncertainty.

The 2.5 hour neuroleadership masterclass is filled with concepts like System 1 & 2, predictably irrational, pattern recognition, choice architecture, and cognitive biases. These cases were very relevant for the hospital directors, politicians, C-level executives, and the Royal Police.

Neurofied Nyenrode neuroleadership masterclass neuroleiderschap masterclass Beirem Ben Barrah cases

A selection of our proud clients

Neurofied clients: Tesla, Adidas,, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, essent, deloitte, abn amro, tele2, Novo Nordisk, ANWB, Johnson & Johnson, RWS

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