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Globally Published Book

You can now pre-order it at any major retailer!

The Dynamics of Business Behavior: An Evidence-Based Approach to Managing Organizational Change

The Dynamics of Business Behavior book cover - written by Beirem Ben Barrah and Philip Jordanov

Our Youtube Channel

On Youtube, you can find all our video material from over the years, including our recorded webinars. We’re also planning to share more video content over the next year so subscribe if you want to learn more about how to apply brain and behavior insights to change management, HR, growth, management, and innovation.

Neurofied Youtube channel

Our Webinars

We frequently organize online events for professionals who want to leverage brain and behavior insights to achieve their business goals. All our English webinars are free and you can ask questions. You can find an overview of planned online events here or watch our previously recorded webinars.

Growth Mindset webinar by Neurofied

Cognitive Bias Database

We made a simplified version of the cognitive bias database we use internally at Neurofied openly available as part of our behavioral science tools. Find a list of 200+ cognitive biases with description, related biases, and a brain-based categorization. Learn more about cognitive biases in a practical context on our blog.

Cognitive Bias Database by Neurofied

Free Online Course (Growth)

Brain & Behavior for Growth is our online course that helps growth-minded professionals leverage insights from behavioral science and neuropsychology. It includes 7+ hours of video lectures, actionable insights, and an ebook. After three years, we decided to offer the course for free on Youtube serving our mission of democratizing the value of brain and behavior.

Brain and Behaviour for Growth online course by Neurofied