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DEI – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Area of Expertise

An evidence-based approach to a diverse workforce and inclusive culture

Behavioral Science Applied to DEI

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is increasingly important in organizations but often considered an area where it’s challenging to drive lasting behavioral change. Behavioral science can make a difference here by answering questions such as…

  • What organizational and behavioral drivers cause uniformity and exclusion?
  • How do you approach cultural change, or behavioral change at scale?
  • Which evidence-based interventions are most effective for driving DEI?

Learn more about how an evidence-based approach to driving DEI reduces risk, increases innovation, and helps your people thrive with a diverse workforce and inclusive culture.

DEI area of expertise: How We Work at Neurofied - applying behavioral science to change management

The Business Case for DEI

Nearly half of fortune 500 companies have appointed a chief diversity officer responsible for creating a diverse and inclusive culture, and have demonstrated the potential:

Depending on your unique situation and needs, we will identify, design, and implement the change interventions that will most directly impact the metrics and goals you want to achieve.

DEI Diversity, Equity, and inclusion program business case and impact Neurofied

Why a Behaviorally Informed Approach to DEI?

You might already have a DEI manager. What are the benefits of teaming them up with behavioral scientists?





Teams That Benefit From Evidence-Based DEI

Here are some teams for which this content is very relevant:
  • DEI teams and managers 
  • Change Management teams
  • People & Organization or Culture teams
  • HR departments
  • L&D departments

Our Services

How do you want to involve us in your DEI initiative or awareness campaign? We tailor each service to your situation and DEI goals.


Request a speaker, tailored training, or training program.


Solve organizational challenges with behavioral insights and interventions.

Neurofied Change Management

Change Management

Add behavioral expertise to your change management team.

Client Case

DEI Training in the Public Sector

We trained 45 government officials of a large department in the Dutch Ministry in applying evidence-based interventions to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on the working floor. Despite their best attempts, institutions can often fail to successfully engage in DEI due to behavioral barriers  and unconscious biases in recruitment, selection, promotion, retention, and organizational culture. This training focused on overcoming these barriers with scientifically proven, measurable solutions from behavioral science.

DEI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Public Sector


in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Organizations at all levels struggle to translate DEI findings and initiatives into actual behavioral change and reach their targets, often because the focus in traditional initiatives like diversity training lies heavily on trying to change people’s minds. Instead, it’s more effective to change the systems and environments in which decisions are made.

Behavioral science is researching which diversity and inclusion change interventions are most effective across all levels: individual, team, department, and organization. We will show you the most relevant ones for your situation, and train your team to apply them effectively.

DEI Diversity, Equity, and inclusion training with behavioral insights

Example DEI Training outline

1. Core principles

We kick off with the behavioral science behind Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that every team needs to know.

  • Find out how diversity, equity, and inclusion is shaped in our brain and behavior
  • Identify how unconscious biases can block diversity initiatives and how to overcome them
  • Understand how changes in context shape an inclusive mindset and how you can leverage this
2. Framework for an inclusive culture

Learn how to achieve lasting and positive behavioral change by using a validated framework that aligns priorities, behaviors, and processes.

  • Learn to set clear and actionable priorities
  • Identify desired behaviors and turn them into scalable habits
  • Optimize systems and processes to reinforce changes
3. Real-world examples

See how leading organizations applied Brain & Behavior to achieve successful change in cases like…

  • generating executive buy-in for diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • creating a culture of speaking up
  • interrupting unconscious bias in meetings
4. Intervention toolkit

Expand your Growth Mindset toolkit with step-by-step evidence-based behavioral interventions that help you…

  • Improving inflow and mobility of minority groups
  • Practicing habits of inclusive leadership
  • Debiasing recruitment or performance evaluation
5. Interactive workshops

By splitting up in groups, you’ll tackle change challenges unique to your organizations using newly learned tools and interventions. Examples of workshops are…

  • Designing systems of feedback and learning
  • Developing metrics to track DEI progress
  • Creating psychological safety during crucial conversations
    6. Q&A

    The training is highly interactive and we encourage questions and dialogue but we’ll make sure to reserve time to recap and deep dive into pressing questions.

    Evidence-Based DEI webinar

    Here is an excerpt from one of our webinars on the behavioral science behind DEI so you have an idea of what this looks like in practice.

    Change Management or Consulting

    in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

    DEI training is valuable in raising awareness and teaching behavioral insights as well as social skills but lasting change comes from the organizational systems and processes. In change management and consulting projects, we can provide strategic and hands-on support from behavioral strategy and insights to design and change. We can support you in:

    • DEI Training and Coaching: Enhancing DEI understanding and application.
    • Change Management and Communication: Facilitating DEI integration.
    • Material Review and Development: Refining communication resources.
    • Metrics and Feedback Mechanisms: Defining and monitoring DEI progress.
    • Implementation Support: Offering continuous support and guidance.

    Having worked with many companies in applying behavioral science, we have identified dozens of evidence-based diversity, equity, and inclusion interventions that will help you develop a culture in which your people can express themselves and your organization benefits from the variety of perspectives, knowledge, and skills.

    The goal is threefold: achieving your DEI goals, making your processes more behaviorally informed, and developing your internal behavioral change capabilities.

    DEI Diversiteit en Inclusie Diversity and Inclusion webinar

    Ready to transform your organization?

    Unlock the power of behavioral science for lasting change.

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