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Neuromarketing consulting

Behavioural change on-demand

Your own strategic neuromarketing expert. Ask us anything, involve us  in meetings, and give us cases. As if you have a behavioural change consultant in your team.

Marketing automation

Integrated software solutions

Do more in less time. You share your vision, we find the software that will help you achieve it, and set them up so you can focus on what matters- growing your business.

Conversational chatbot

Structure, software, and script

Move from broadcasting to connecting. A proper chatbot is efficient, creates goodwill, and effectively substitutes customer support or sales. The friendly face of your site.

Social campaign

Streamline your online marketing ROI

Harness the power of networks. Gain awareness, collect insights, and grow your revenue with customized and persuasive online marketing campaigns with a high ROI.


Apply neuromarketing yourself

The better your marketers understand how we think, the better they can guide consumer behaviour. We give in-house workshops and offer 3-day masterclasses.

Website review

3+ pages funnel optimisation

Conversion is key in eCommerce success. Armed with brain and psychology insights, we will optimise your website for a better experience and more sales.

Customized solutions

In case you want something unique, we are happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.


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