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The first step in making your team, department, or organization more behaviorally informed is usually some form of training. This raises awareness and helps your people see the value and use-cases of behavioral science in your unique context.

Training topics range broadly from evidence-based change to building a culture of continuous learning. You pick a topic or case and we create a tailored training, masterclass, or workshop for you.

Neurofied Brain and Behavior Training


With awareness in place, the next step in making your organization more behaviorally informed is ideally to start a pilot project where you leverage the value of behavioral science to drive positive and lasting change. This is where you’ll see concrete results.

Examples vary widely and can range from digital transformation and leadership development projects to providing behavioral insights for promoting sustainable behavior in architecture.

Neurofied Brain and Behavior Consulting and Implementation growth mindset culture

Change Management

After a pilot, you might want to scale up the behaviorally informed change efforts across multiple initiatives. This is what our change management service is for. You decide on the scope and for a fixed price, you can involve our behavioral experts for the upcoming year.

Change management combines training, consulting, and implementation to get your people all they need. You’ll see practical results and build internal behavioral change capabilities.

Neurofied Change programs Consulting
Neurofied clients: Tesla, Adidas,, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, essent, deloitte, abn amro, tele2, Novo Nordisk, ANWB, Johnson & Johnson, RWS

Areas of Expertise

We tailor each service to your unique situation and goals. Draw inspiration from our areas of expertise.

Evidence-based change management by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

Applied behavioral science for positive and lasting organizational change.

Employee Engagement and Growth Mindset by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

Applied behavioral science for a happy, motivated, and productive workforce.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

Applied behavioral science for an inclusive culture that leverages diversity.

Leadership Development by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

Applied behavioral science for effective, adaptable, and resilient leaders.

Ready to transform your organization?

Unlock the power of behavioral science for lasting change.

Share your context and challenges with us in a free 60-minute consultation. Walk away with actionable behavioral insights and interventions, tailored to your needs, that can be turned into a comprehensive proposal.

60m consultation by Neurofied