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Behavioural Consulting & Training

Every organisation is fundamentally in the business of changing behaviour. We are your behavioural business partner who provides evidence-based solutions for management, HR, growth, and innovation challenges.

Brain & Behaviour helps you with people-centric change across your organisation. Our science-backed methodology has helped our clients improve their change management, customer experience, Learning & Development, and much more.

We work with corporates and SMB+ from a variety of industries ranging from fashion and education to finance and architecture.

Brain-centric methodology

Our Solutions

These are examples of change projects we work on with our clients.

Behavioural Research

Growth Mindset

Diversity & Inclusion

Decision Leadership

Process Optimisation

Learning & Development

Customer Experience

Behavioural Risk

Cases we have worked on

  • PVH digital showrooms

    PVH is an innovative global fashion & lifestyle company operating brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. They run a global network of Digital Showrooms and are scaling up support globally. We work with the Digital Product and Tech teams to optimise their support scaling strategy, facilitate a human-centric implementation, and train key stakeholders.

  • KWF case

    The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) is determined to beat cancer and their funding of scientific research largely depends on the public. We helped KWF increase the conversion on their donation forms to 61% by leveraging the psychological drivers behind attention, emotion, empathy and urgency. If you live in the Netherlands, you might recall the campaign “Lanterns for loved ones”.

  • Neurofied en KPN

    KPN is a major Dutch telecom provider that enables people to connect anytime, anywhere with safe, reliable, and future-proof networks and services. We worked with their Digital Commerce team to analyse their CRO process, spot opportunities, find science-backed solutions, and ultimately provide a better user experience resulting in higher conversion.

Our services

Simple & Practical

Science-backed methodology

Measurable results

Consulting & Implementation

Unique challenges require unique solutions. We translate science into actionable insights for your strategy and practical implementation guidelines. Share your situation with us over a coffee.

Training & Development

Train your team to better understand how people think, decide, and act with Brain & Behaviour. Request a speaker, arrange an in-house training or set up a training program to develop your talent.

A selection of our proud clients

Neurofied clients cases: Tesla, Adidas, Bol, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, Essent, Deloitte, ABN AMRO, Tele2

What others said

  • Marthe Huigens

    Strategy & Innovation Manager @ PVH Europe

    “The value of Neurofied lies in their ability to create a safe environment that helps all voices to be heard. Their genuine care for the individual made collaboration easy for all stakeholders. From the get-go they really tried to understand the organization, the underlying politics and the intangible elements within the Global Support Plan.”

  • Sandra Rademaker - Neurofied Essent

    Sandra Rademaker

    Compensation & Benefits Specialist @ Essent

    “In designing sessions with employees about a growth mindset, Neurofied has shown that they can quickly switch and deliver, think along and adapt their approach based on what is needed and asked, and also with knowledge and sharp insights from behavioral psychology and neuroscience. possess. Moreover, Philip is a passionate speaker who knows how to convince with substance.”

  • Ren Yee UNSense Neurofied

    Ren Yee

    Director of Design & Strategy @ UNSense

    “We have had the pleasure to collaborate with Neurofied on pushing the boundaries of spatial design and cognition, by combining our knowledge and design/analytical tools of architecture, digital service design, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. We believe that these interdisciplinary collaboration will deliver better human-centric design for our built and digital environment”

  • Bas van de Pol

    Bas van de Pol

    Global Director Conversion Optimization @ Adidas

    “Very impressed by Neurofied’s knowledge regarding cognitive biases and their application in CRO.

  • Lorien Verachtert

    Lorien Verachtert

    Communication Strategist @ LDV United

    “Neurofied helped me build the bridge between theory and practice. The knowledge I possess now makes me more credible. It gives me the tools to back-up and substantiate my ideas.”

  • Marius Boer

    Head of Support @ PVH Europe

    “Blending brain and behavior with practical application is the game changer. They managed to take people along on the journey. When the going got even tougher they stepped up to drive success.”

  • Stefan Sprangers

    Online Data Analyst @ KPN

    “Neurofied gave us insights into clearly defining our key KPI to prevent bias from entering the analysis. We also learned how to better structure our learnings.”

  • Ferdinand Goetzen

    Director of Marketing & Growth @ 3D Hubs

    “Since taking Neurofied’s Brain & Behaviour training, our growth team has been applying behavioural psychology more effectively to all our growth experiments.”

  • Daan Bakker

    Daan Bakker

    Global Director of Growth @ Virtuagym

    “Great kick-off to learn how to apply behavioural psychology and neuroscience. The cognitive biases were especially insightful and useful.”

    Brain & Behaviour for Growth

    The online course on truly understanding your target audience with insights from behavioural psychology and neuroscience. Built for marketing, UX, and CRO specialists. Useful for anyone who works with people.

    ✔️ Optimise your conversion with Brain & Behaviour
    ✔️ Grow the mindset and skills of a business psychologist
    ✔️ Step-by-step analyses of real-world case studies

    Getting started with our Quickscan

    To show you the value of what we do, we have designed a 20-hour consulting project in which we analyse your challenge or case and share science-backed improvement opportunities and custom business solutions.

    ✔️ Kick-off & alignments with your team so you can see how behavioural insights directly drive change
    ✔️ Stakeholder interviews and process/documentation analysis
    ✔️ Reporting key insights and optimisation plan with low effort, high impact strategies and tactics for better results
    ✔️ Final delivery and hand-over

    Our Quickscan is €2495 excl. VAT and we will discuss your ideal outcome and deliverables before the kick-off sprint. Examples of our Quickscans are behavioural change/risk, customer journey/UX, and learning & development.


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