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Growth and marketing are about persuasion. Persuasion is communication. And the key to communication is understanding how we think.

At Neurofied, we add the science of our brain and psychology to the art of marketing. We teach marketers how they can subtly guide behaviour and we support them in the complex cases. 

Your marketers know WHAT to do and HOW to do it. Give them the WHY and enjoy their innovation.

Online growth is about persuasion

"Perfect workshop for an introduction to neuromarketing and its application in our online adidas environment"

Bas van de Pol – Global Director Conversion Optimisation at adidas Group

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In-House Workshop at LABFRESH

Neuromarketing is a really powerful tool for any eCommerce business because you can connect with your customers on a more emotional level which can be a USP and a huge benefit to your brand.

Orsi Szentes, Head of Growth @ LABFRESH

Applied Neuromarketing Courses

Neuromarketing Crash Course

1-Day Crash Course

knowledge & skills course

Learn how to guide human behaviour in one day. Grow as a marketer or growth hacker by learning the key behavioural- and neuropsychology skills.

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In-house workshop

In-house workshop

Customised company training

Want to upgrade your full team? We will teach them the neuromarketing fundamentals and solve a customised real-life case for your unique situation.

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Ferdinand Goetzen

“Since taking Neurofied’s 1-Day Neuromarketing Crash Course, our growth team at Recruitee has been applying behavioural psychology more effectively to all our growth experiments”

Ferdinand Goetzen – Chief Growth Officer at Recruitee

In-House Workshop at AfterPay

Marketers often join our courses because they are…

  • unhappy with their campaign ROI
  • missing an understanding of their buyers
  • struggling with changing their consumers' behaviour
  • unable to explain the reasoning behind their creative decisions
  • frustrated with their low conversion
  • interested in growing their skillset

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Grow your brand online with persuasive marketing based on neuropsychology.
Learn how to apply this yourself with our applied neuromarketing blog.

Top 20 Neuromarketing Books You Must Read

Top 20 Neuromarketing Books

We’ve selected 20 books about neuromarketing that we believe should be on your book shelf. Some of them give you a broad overview of neuromarketing and others deep-dive into the conscious and subconscious brain.

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Ethics of neuromarketing

Ethics of neuromarketing

"Is neuromarketing ethical?" In this long-read you will deep-dive in the ethics of neuromarketing illustrated by hypothetical unethical cases and ethical neuromarketing cases. You will learn how it can improve –instead of ruin– your reputation.

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Why marketers without an understanding of the brain will be extinct in 2020

Why marketers without an understanding of the brain will be extinct in 2020

Applied neuromarketing principles are becoming a must for all marketers. Why? Find out in our short article on the difference between conventional marketing and the added value of neuromarketing.

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in-house workshop

Ready to upgrade your marketing or growth team? Find out how innovative they will get with the right insights.

Jesse van der Meulen

“Our community loved Neurofied's applied neuromarketing workshop. It helped us understand best why customers want what they want and behave the way they do in building successful corporate-startups”

Jesse van der Meulen – Co-founder at Aimforthemoon

1-day Neuromarketing Crash Course

Learn how to guide behaviour with applied neuropsychology

Thursday March 14th

from 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thursday April 11th

from 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thursday June 20th

from 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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