Truly understand your target audience

with insights from behavioural psychology and neuroscience

What drives our behaviour?

Brain & Behaviour is a science-backed methodology you can use to better understand your audience's thoughts, decisions, and behaviour. It has helped our clients improve their conversion optimisation, organisational change, marketing, and management efforts.

Our courses are designed to help you understand why your customers, colleagues, and yourself behave the way you do. Learn to apply science-backed strategies  for better empathy, decision-making, communication, and behavioural change skills.

Better serve your audience with Brain & Behaviour training, coaching, or consulting.

Brain-centric methodology

Companies using Neurofied to better understand their audience

Companies using Neurofied to better understand their audience like Adidas, Tele2, KLM, PVH, KWF, and KPN
Attendees during the Brain & Behaviour Crash Course

Individual training

Become a more effective professional by growing your mindset and skills with the fundamentals of Brain & Behaviour.

  • Real-life training
  • Online training (coming soon)
Beirem at of Neurofied's breakfast sessions

Company training

Improve the performance of your organisation by empowering your people, product or process with Brain & Behaviour.

  • Training
  • Consulting
Jesse van der Meulen - Aimforthemoon

Our community loved Neurofied's Brain & Behaviour workshop. It helped us understand why customers want what they want and behave the way they do in building successful corporate-startups.

Jesse van der Meulen – Co-founder of Aimforthemoon

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