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Brain & Behaviour

There is a gap between business and science. Professionals know WHAT to do and academics know WHY things work. Neurofied bridges this gap through education focused on the HOW of behavioural change.

Business is about understanding people. And their thoughts, decisions, and behaviour are often irrational. We add the science of psychology to the art of business.

At our courses, you learn the mindset, process and tools that improve your performance with behavioural psychology & neuroscience.

Neurofied bridges the gap between business and science. Brain & Behaviour education.

What is Brain & Behaviour?

Brain & Behaviour is about understanding people's thoughts, decisions and behaviour. It is a perspective that shows you how we are often irrational and driven by things we're not aware of.

Brain & Behaviour can be applied to many domains. We started with applied neuromarketing and are now expanding to conversion and pricing psychology.

Let us teach you the behaviour-changing tactics used by the world’s leading companies. And use them to grow your business.

Skills you will gain

Understand your customer

Learn how your customers think and make decisions to align your message with their needs

Better decision-making

Improve your ROI & conversion by understanding and leveraging our natural tendencies

Practical tactics

See direct results by applying psychology-based tactics for better performance

Bas van der Pol

"Very impressed by Neurofied's knowledge regarding Cognitive Biases and their application in CRO"

Bas van de Pol – Global Director Conversion Optimisation at adidas Group

Brain & Behaviour services

Neuromarketing Crash Course

1-Day Crash Course

For any business professional

Learn the mindset, process and tools to get started the same day. Also gain access to our knowledge database and community of B&B specialists.

In-house workshop

In-House Training

For any business or non-profit

Similar to the Crash Course but tailored for your unique situation. Solve a case with your full team and discover the true value of Brain & Behaviour.

Neuromarketing consulting

Hands-on Consulting

For any business or professional

Strengthen your team with our on-demand Brain & Behaviour specialists. Boost your results with a dedicated psychologist in your company.

Join our next 1-Day Crash Course on June 20 in Amsterdam

No prior knowledge needed

Read our blog

Read 35+ articles on our Brain & Behaviour blog

Top 20 Neuromarketing Books You Must Read

Top 20 Neuromarketing Books

So you want to learn more but don't know where to get started? We made a list of the 20 books on applied neuromarketing you should read. Some show you the big-picture while others are a deep-dive.

Ethics of neuromarketing

Ethics of neuromarketing

Is neuromarketing ethical? In this long article you will read about analysed hypothetical and real cases of applied neuromarketing and their consequences. Learn how it can help you improve your reputation.

Why marketers without an understanding of the brain will be extinct in 2020

The future of marketing

Marketing is essentially about understanding your customers. Brain & Behaviour enables marketers to deeply empathise and leverage the gained insights. This is often called applied neuromarketing.

Ferdinand Goetzen

“Since taking Neurofied’s 1-Day Crash Course, our growth team at Recruitee has been applying behavioural psychology more effectively to all our growth experiments”

Ferdinand Goetzen – Chief Growth Officer at Recruitee

Brain & Behaviour
In-House Training

Ready to upgrade your marketing or growth team with behavioural psychology & neuroscience insights?

Professionals often join our training because they want to…

  • improve their campaign ROI
  • get a better understanding of their buyers
  • learn how to change their customer behaviour
  • explain the reasoning behind their creative decisions
  • improve their conversion
  • grow their skillset
Jesse van der Meulen

“Our community loved Neurofied's Brain & Behaviour workshop. It helped us understand best why customers want what they want and behave the way they do in building successful corporate-startups”

Jesse van der Meulen – Co-founder at Aimforthemoon

1-Day Crash Course

Gain the behavioural psychology & neuroscience fundamentals.

Thursday June 20th

from 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thursday September 12th

from 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thursday November 14th

from 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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