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Evidence-Based Change Management

Area of Expertise

A human-centric approach to driving and managing organizational change

Evidence-Based Change Management

Managing organizational change is complex and many recurring challenges have their roots in behavioral science. Evidence-Based Change Management (EBCM) offers a robust framework for navigating change by answering questions like…

  • What evidence-based strategies lead to successful and sustainable change?
  • How do you effectively communicate change to drive engagement?
  • Which behavioral factors influence employee resistance to change?
  • How do you deal with change fatigue?

At the heart of our approach is the alignment of change initiatives with the intricate dynamics of human behavior. Leveraging the latest in behavioral research, we tailor change management strategies to fit the unique culture and goals of your organization while making it more resilient and adaptable.

How We Work at Neurofied: Evidence-Based Change Management - applying behavioral science to change management

The Business Case for Evidence-Based Change Management

Why an Evidence-Based Approach to Change Management?

You probably already have a change management team. What are the benefits of teaming them up with behavioral scientists?





Teams that Benefit from EBCM

Evidence-based change management is especially relevant for:
  • Change Management teams
  • Organizational Development teams
  • Human Resources (HR) teams
  • People & Organization (P&O) or Culture (P&C) teams
  • Leadership and (Executive) Management teams
  • Anyone driving change across the organization

Our Services

How do you want to involve us in your change initiatives? We tailor each service to your situation and goals.


Request a speaker, tailored training, or training program.


Solve organizational challenges with behavioral insights and interventions.

Neurofied Change Management

Change Management

Add behavioral expertise to your change management team.

Client Case

Evidence-Based Change Training in Healthcare

We worked with a global healthcare company to train their People & Organization community in evidence-based change management. With over 47.000 employees across 168 countries, they rely on constant innovation to keep up with a rapidly changing world. We delivered a keynote combined with three workshops in which the attendants implemented the evidence-based change interventions they learned.

In this case study, you will read about our evidence-based change training in healthcare for our anonymized client. We can easily adapt the masterclass and workshops to your unique team, organization, or industry.

evidence-based change training in healthcare - evidence-based change management


in Evidence-Based Change Management

Our Evidence-Based Change Management training equips your people with actionable insights, tools, and tactics from behavioral science that address the recurring challenges in managing organizational change. Learn evidence-based interventions to enhance the impact and sustainability of change areas such as…

  • planning and risk management
  • communicating the change
  • stakeholder engagement
  • leadership support
  • measuring change

Your context and goals decide what the training is about. We could include themes such as de-risking change through interventions like the Premortem, creating and communicating a compelling and consistent change story with the Public Narrative, or mapping the informal, horizontal hierarchy with Organizational Network Analysis.

Example Evidence-Based Change Training outline

1. Behavioral Insights

We kick off with the core principles of Brain & Behavior in change that every team needs to know.

  • Find out how fast and slow thinking influence your stakeholders’ decisions

  • Identify which cognitive biases can block change and how your can mitigate them

  • Understand how changes in context shape behavior and how you can leverage this

2. Framework for Change

Learn how to achieve lasting and positive behavioral change by using a validated framework that aligns priorities, behaviors, and processes.

  • Learn to set clear and actionable change priorities

  • Identify desired behaviors and turn them into scalable habits

  • Optimize systems and processes to reinforce changes

3. Real-world examples

See how leading organizations applied Brain & Behavior to achieve successful change in cases like…

  • creating cultures of diversity & inclusion

  • cultivating an organizational growth mindset

  • fostering constructive conflict to increase employee engagement and performance

4. Intervention toolkit

Expand your change management toolkit with step-by-step evidence-based behavioral interventions that help you…

  • increase engagement with circular accountability
  • scale change through a network of change champions

  • shift cultures by aligning social norms
5. Interactive workshops

By splitting up in groups, you’ll tackle change challenges unique to your organizations using newly learned tools and interventions. Examples of workshops are…

  • mitigate unseen risks by running a premortem
  • mobilizing change by constructing a  powerful public narrative
  • cultivating scalable habits by designing if-then plans
    6. Q&A

    The training is highly interactive and we encourage questions and dialogue but we’ll make sure to reserve time to recap and deep dive into pressing questions.

    Evidence-Based Change Management webinar

    Here is an excerpt from one of our webinars on Evidence-Based Change Management.

    Or watch more webinars and interventions on the Neurofied Youtube channel.


    Change Management or Consulting

    Regardless of the exact type of change, all our Change Management and Consulting services aim to be as evidence-based as possible. We enhance your internal change capabilities by blending behavioral insights and intervention design with strategic and hands-on support. Our consulting service is usually geared towards a specific project whereas our  Change Management service is designed to empower your change managers and agents to drive change across multiple projects effectively. Here is how we can support your team:

    • EBCM Training and Coaching: Building a robust understanding and application of behavioral science in change management.
    • Change Strategy and Communication: Facilitating the integration of behavioral insights into change initiatives.
    • Resource Development and Review: Refining communication and change management materials.
    • Metrics and Feedback: Setting and tracking progress for change initiatives.
    • Implementation Support: Providing ongoing guidance and support for your change management efforts.

    By investing in our Change Management service, your organization gains access to our expertise for a 12-month period, ensuring you have the necessary capabilities to manage various change projects. Our goal is to enhance your change management processes, make them more behaviorally informed, and develop internal capabilities for managing change more effectively.

    Types of Change Initiatives

    Here are some examples of the types of organizational change management projects we work on with our clients.

    People & Cultural Change

    There are many ways in which your people and culture change continuously and some examples of how we can help are…

    ✔️ building cultures of trust, inclusion, growth, and experimentation
    ✔️ embedding habits into people’s daily practice
    ✔️ overcoming resistance to change

    Way of Working change

    We often transition from one way of working to the next. Each of the methodologies below revolves around thinking in a new way to make new decisions which cause different behaviors, leading to better results.

    Some examples of projects in which we can support you are…

    ✔️ Hybrid: working digitally from home
    ✔️ Project management: lean, agile, six sigma, scrum
    ✔️ Quality control: Business Process Re-engineering, Total Quality Management, Enterprise Resource Planning

    Transformational Change

    Big transformations often revolve around changing behavior. Behavioral insights can help with…

    ✔️ Digital transformations
    ✔️ Leadership transformations
    ✔️ HR transformations

    Systems & Process Change

    When a lot of people in your organization have to adopt a new process or use new software, behavioral insights are very useful, especially in…

    ✔️ integrating stakeholder feedback into the communication and adoption strategy
    ✔️ facilitating decision-making and planning strategy and sessions
    ✔️ aligning the current way of working with the requirements

    Ready to transform your organization?

    Unlock the power of evidence-based change management.

    Share your context and challenges with us in a free 60-minute consultation. Walk away with actionable behavioral insights and interventions, tailored to your needs, that can be turned into a comprehensive proposal.

    Evidence-Based Change Management training with brain and behavior insights by Neurofied