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What is your challenge?

Every organisation has its unique context, goals and challenges. The right people insights at the right time will help you whether you are optimising your growth strategy, implementing a digital transformation, developing your talent, or implementing a debiased decision-making process.

We break down your business challenge into psychological themes to find the root cause, provide you with science-backed solutions, and assist in the effective and lasting implementation. See what this looks like for you.

Brain & Behaviour use-cases

Here are examples of what to focus on within each domain. We’ll discover your unique needs in an orientation call.

  • ✔️ Increasing decision ROI with a proven science-backed framework
    ✔️ Implementing people-centric strategies & transformations
    ✔️ Spotting opportunities & solutions with systems thinking

  • ✔️ Understanding the wants & needs of your target audience
    ✔️ Increase loyalty and retention with emotional incentives
    ✔️ Boost conversion/sales with
    psychological tactics


  • ✔️ Validating creative concepts with behavioural science
    ✔️ Turning ideas into behaviour changing innovation
    ✔️ Overcoming psychological barriers of innovation

  • ✔️ Creating and optimising talent development strategies
    ✔️ Providing training programs in practical psychology
    ✔️ Designing and implementing
    behavioural change

  • ✔️ Optimising the User experience (UX) of products & services
    ✔️ Integrating behavioural principles into the
    design process
    ✔️ Facilitating ethical habit-formation in digital products

Cases we have worked on

  • PVH digital showrooms

    PVH is an innovative global fashion & lifestyle company operating brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. They run a global network of Digital Showrooms and are scaling up support globally. We work with the Digital Product and Tech teams to optimise their support scaling strategy, facilitate a human-centric implementation, and train key stakeholders.

  • KWF case

    The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) is determined to beat cancer and their funding of scientific research largely depends on the public. We helped KWF increase the conversion on their donation forms to 61% by leveraging the psychological drivers behind attention, emotion, empathy and urgency. If you live in the Netherlands, you might recall the campaign “Lanterns for loved ones”.

  • Neurofied en KPN

    KPN is a major Dutch telecom provider that enables people to connect anytime, anywhere with safe, reliable, and future-proof networks and services. We worked with their Digital Commerce team to analyse their CRO process, spot opportunities, find science-backed solutions, and ultimately provide a better user experience resulting in higher conversion.

What you can expect

1. Orientation call

Often, our clients reach out because they know that behavioural psychology & neuroscience can help them but they don’t know exactly how. We can help you figure out where the opportunities are and how to get started.

We’d love to hear about you, the organisation you represent, your goals, and your challenges. We’ll analyse through the lens of behavioural science and suggest a course of action. Feel free to send an NDA when sharing confidential information.

2. Power session

You might need to involve your team or executives to decide on how to get the most out of Brain & Behaviour consulting, especially if you work in a corprorate. This is often solved by having us over for a power session.

In this interactive 90-minute session, we’ll demonstate the value of applying B&B, engage key stakeholders, define an implementation strategy, identify key obstacles, and prioritise the goals. You’ll know exactly how we can help you afterwards.

3. Proposal

When there is a proper fit between what you need and what we can offer, we’ll send you a proposal. This may be focused on strategic consulting or assisted implementation and can contain relevant training elements.

The proposal shows a project outline, deliverables, methodology, and pricing. Then you can make an informed decision. If you chose to do a Power session, it will be even more in-depth.

Get in touch

Book a 30-minute orientation call with cognitive neuropsychologist Philip Jordanov to discuss the possibilities. You walk away inspired, at the very least.

Organisations we’ve worked with

Neurofied clients (Tesla, KPN, KLM, KWF, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.)

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