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What is your challenge?

Every organisation has its unique context, goals and challenges. The right people insights at the right time will help you whether you are optimising your growth strategy, implementing a digital transformation, developing your talent, or implementing a debiased decision-making process.

We break down your business challenge into psychological themes to find the root cause, provide you with science-backed solutions, and assist in the effective and lasting implementation. What this looks like for you? You will find some inspiration here and we're happy to assess your situation in a call.

PVH digital showroom

PVH case: Innovation & Scaling

PVH is an innovative global fashion & lifestyle company operating brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. They run a global network of Digital Showrooms and are scaling up support globally. We work with the Digital Product and Tech teams to optimise their support scaling strategy, facilitate a human-centric implementation, and train key stakeholders.

PVH digital showroom

KWF case: Donation & Conversion

The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) is determined to beat cancer and their funding of scientific research largely depends on the public. We helped KWF increase the conversion on their donation forms to 61% by leveraging the psychological drivers behind attention, emotion, empathy and urgency. If you live in the Netherlands, you might recall the campaign "Lanterns for loved ones".
PVH digital showroom

KPN case: Conversion & Science

KPN is a major Dutch telecom provider that enables people to connect anytime, anywhere with safe, reliable, and future-proof networks and services. We worked with a Digital Commerce team to analyse their CRO process, spot opportunities, find science-backed solutions, and ultimately provide a better user experience resulting in higher conversion.

What is your goal?

Behavioural change

How do you create lasting impact with your organisation or within your team? How do you increase the engagement of your customers and employees? How do you learn to communicate effectively and persuasively?

The key lies in understanding decisions and behaviour. By applying insights from Brain & Behaviour, leaders create enormous value and potential for their teams.

With a team of psychologists and behavioural experts, we convert this knowledge into strategy and execution. In doing so, we help our clients grow their business and increase impact.

Business transformation

How do you make sure your team goes all-in with a business transformation? How do you prevent a relapse into old patterns and habits? How do you make sure a transformation succeeds?

Technological and digital transformation offer organisations more opportunities than ever. Yet most attempts at successful business transformation fail. Why do they fail? Because of the intense focus on technology and tools, we lose sight of the most important factor in business transformation: people.

With Brain & Behaviour, we help you to achieve a successful business transformation in which people, the brain and our behaviour are central.

Marketing & Conversion

It is clear that knowledge of psychology is indispensable for every marketer. But how do you use it to get to the heart of your target audience? How do you leverage science in campaigns and communication? And how do you make sure your message makes an emotional impact?

Subconscious drivers of decisions and behaviour are often overlooked in traditional marketing. Brain & Behaviour offers this opportunity. By empathising deeply with your target audience, we help you understand their context and needs.

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