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Why we do this

1-Day Neuromarketing Crash Course

Understanding people is the primary skill you need in life. And we see a huge gap between business and science, especially in psychology. Professionals often know WHAT to do and HOW to do it, while academics know WHY things work but can't explain it simply. We bridge this gap.

At the same time, the number one issue most professionals have is an inability to understand the people they're dealing with. And we believe this can be solved by teaching people basic psychology, enabling them to empathise deeply. If normal education doesn't provide this, we will.

How we do this

1-Day Neuromarketing Crash Course

Our team of psychologists finds the most insightful theories and turn them into simple and practical frameworks, tools and processes that anyone can use. By focusing on the fundamentals of behavioural psychology & neuroscience, it's easily translated to any domain. 

This is mostly growth-related for now, but we're also working on things like leadership and decision-making. The core idea is that everything people-related can be analysed and improved in terms of attention, perception, decisions and memory. Learn about these and other core psychological concepts in our blog.

What we do

1-Day Neuromarketing Crash Course

We help professionals and organisations to improve performance with behavioural psychology & neuroscience. We extract insights from research, publish free content, build training programs, share useful tools and solve complex cases for our clients.

Join our 1-Day Crash Course, ask for an In-House Workshop or add an on-demand psychologist to your team with Consulting. In each case, learn the psychological mindset, tools, and processes you need to thrive in today's world.

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Clara Sophie Vetter

Clara Sophie Vetter


Dives deep into neuroscientific research to reveal and simplify valuable insights on behaviour

Denise Janssen

Denise Janssen


Untangles complex neuromarketing topics to build digestible & useful content

Evi Rozendal

Evi Rozendal


Combines the art of storytelling with the science of cognitive & neuropsychology

Philip Jordanov

Philip Jordanov

The neuro-connector

Empathises & connects with clients to ensure we add value to those around us

Beirem Ben Barrah

Beirem Ben Barrah

The neuro-strategist

Businessy co-founder that brings it all together to give us relevance & coherence

Dr. Evert Semeijn

Evert Semeijn, Ph.D.

The neuro-doctor

Techy co-founder that ensures quality service and a smoothly running organisation


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Neuromarketing Crash Course

1-Day Crash Course

knowledge & skills course

Learn how to guide human behaviour in one day. Grow as a marketer or growth hacker by learning the key behavioural- and neuropsychology skills.

In-house workshop

In-house workshop

Customised company training

Want to upgrade your full team? We will teach them the neuromarketing fundamentals and solve a customised real-life case for your unique situation.

Neuromarketing consulting


Ongoing support

Add an on-demand practical psychologist to your team. Our Brain & Behaviour experts are ready to help you optimise your performance with psychology.

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