Our story

We want to see great companies grow. Many startups are genuinely trying to provide value and still they fail. Why? Often the cause is communication. Insert neuromarketing.

Your online growth follows your ability to persuade consumers to engage. And we are passionate about persuasion. Anyone who studies this topic will quickly see that most influences are invisible. At least, they seem invisible.. until you start to learn how the brain works. And that is what we do.

We combine science with art. Thinking with feeling. Theories with creativity. Leveraging insights from neuro- and consumer psychology, we help you grow online by improving your website and marketing campaigns. More traffic, higher conversion.


Evert Semeijn, PhD


The tech wizard and neuropsychologist. He has 15+ years of development experience and was official WooExpert for two years. He translates business goals into practical solutions, often digital.

Beirem Ben Barrah

Beirem Ben Barrah


The growth- and persuasion expert. His obsessive personality tends to reveal itself in any passion. He is an avid reader, former karate world championship medalist and TNW named him a T500 promising digital change-maker in both ’17 and ’18.

Denise Janssen, Neuroscientist

Denise Janssen


The neuroscientist and out-of-the-box thinker. Her goal is to untangle complex neuromarketing topics to digestible and helpful content. She’s finishing here PhD whilst applying her knowledge here.

Ian MacCorquodale

Ian MacCorquodale


The persuasion enthusiast and neuropsychologist. He is the link between science and practical persuasion. His interest into priming and memory frequently keeps him up to add ‘just one more’ tactic to the knowledge database.

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