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Novo Nordisk Case Study

Helping this global healthcare company become more human-centric and effective insights and interventions from behavioral psychology and neuroscience.

Novo Nordisk Case Study

Behavioral Business Partnership explained

This partnership is one of our all-time favorites because it beautifully highlights how large enterprises can leverage behavioral insights to help their people solve a broad variety of challenges in a behaviorally informed and evidence-based manner. You’ll read how they initially got in touch, which areas they utilize us for, and why they’re scaling up so fast.

In the face of rapid growth and changing market demands, Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare leader, recognizes that successful change is deeply rooted in understanding human behavior. In this journey, Neurofied acts as a behavioral business partner for Novo Nordisk, providing multi-dimensional support on several key projects, to drive meaningful and sustainable change throughout their organization.

This case shows you how our partnership evolved to multi-year projects and collaborations and might be a source of inspiration for the kind of use-cases and methods applying for behavioral science in organizations.

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“As we reorganize ourselves to become more customer centric, we also embarked on a journey with my leadership team to embed growth mindset principles into our daily activities. We’ve prioritized psychological safety and continuous learning, creating an environment where innovation thrives and failures are seen as learning opportunities. It’s been a wonderful and great journey so far and I’m grateful to Philip Jordanov and team Neurofied B.V.”

–  VP and Global Head Mobility at Novo Nordisk

September 2022

Change Management

Fostering lasting change for North-West Europe P&O Leaders

Our partnership with the leaders at North-West Europe’s People & Organization team of Novo Nordisk began with a clear aim: to help them build a work that does not just adapts to change but thrives in. We explored key topics in cognitive psychology and behavioral science, applying these insights directly to their day-to-day challenges.

We tackled common hurdles like resistance, low engagement, and change fatigue. The result was a leadership team now better equipped to guide their teams through changes, using insights from behavioral science and real-world strategies. Or, as we refer to it: behaviorally informed change management.

Evidence-based change training by Neurofied
Novo Nordisk case study - Neurofied client case - Neurozone assessment demo data

Demo Data from NeuroZone©: Five Pillars of Resilience

November 2022


Front-line Resilience and Customer Engagement

Our focus with Novo Nordisk’s front-line medical staff was to promote a mindset conducive to innovation and change. Understanding the changing nature of the healthcare market, we designed a training tailored to encourage innovative thinking and behavior. In our approach, we emphasized the importance of psychological safetym integrating tools and exercises to foster openness, empathy, and a constructive attitude towards challenges.

The training aimed to instil habits that stimulate innovation and enable the staff to put these concepts into action. This shift in perspective supported the front-line staff in adapting to market demands and engaging with customers more meaningfully.

February 2023


Harnessing Curiosity for Environmental Sustainability

Recognizing Novo Nordisk’s commitment to reducing its CO2 footprint, we collaborated with their sustainability ambassadors throughout Europe to design and implement change interventions focused on car fleet management and travel behaviors.

By applying interventions to be easily translated into concrete habits (If-Then Plans), we supported these ambassadors to be influential role models for broader organizational change. This approach offers a roadmap for lasting behavioral change, directly contributing to Novo Nordisk’s sustainability goals.

Novo Nordisk case study - Neurofied client case - 4 themes cheat sheet blurred - Go To Gemba

Go-To Gemba cheat sheet with evidence-based decision-making techniques (blurred)

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Risk taking cheat sheet with evidence-based decision-making techniques (blurred)

March 2023


Change Leadership: Premortems & Public Narratives

We’ve been working closely with the leadership team in Denmark, helping them refine their approach to leading change. In our workshops, we’ve focused on practical, evidence-based methods like risk premortems, which involve anticipating potential challenges and developing strategies to mitigate them before they arise.

We also focused on enhancing their skills in crafting change narratives  with the public narrative framework. This involves developing compelling stories that convey empathy, unity, and urgency. These interventions provide the leadership affiliate with an evidence-based toolkit for behavioral change.

September 2023


Aligning Incentives and Front-Line Behavior

Novo Nordisk’s front-line staff dealing directly with the ebb and flow of market dynamics.The challenge was not just to align rewards and incentives, but to also ensure that front-line behaviors met the dynamic demands of the healthcare market. This alignment is crucial for distributing healthcare solutions equitably across Novo Nordisk’s global customer base.

By setting up Red/Blue Team debates that sparked open dialogue and constructive conflict, we helped the teams go beyond sales targets and focus on distributing equitable rewards, aligning incentives with tangible behavioral outcomes.

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Novo Nordisk case study - Neurofied client case - Neurozone assessment 2

Demo Data from NeuroZone©: Assessment measuring resilience behaviors

2023 – 2024

Growth Mindset Culture

Helping the Mobility Department Enhance Resilience and Agility

In Q3 of 2023, we started our collaboration with the Mobility Department aimed at cultivating a growth mindset within their leadership team. The initiative is a response to the department’s evolution from traditional operational roles to a global, partnership-oriented approach. The core objective was to instill a culture of resilience, adaptability, and proactive problem-solving.

We started with a Growth Mindset masterclass in a major European city. This session was designed to orient the leadership team towards the principles of a growth mindset, focusing on resilience and adaptability in the face of change. This was followed by a series of remote workshops for both the leadership and the wider team, aimed at deepening their understanding and practical application of Growth mindset principles.

To quantify our ongoing efforts, we conducted a resilience assessment with our partners at Neurozone. This enabled us to track key aspects of team dynamics such as feedback quality, levels of psychological safety, and effectiveness of collaboration. The insights gained allow us to tailor interventions and leadership coaching more precisely and measure progress in real-time.

It’s a continuous journey of developing a culture where leaders are equipped to handle feedback constructively, feel secure in voicing their opinions, and collaborate effectively across global teams, essential for navigating the department’s shift towards a more integrated, partnership-oriented approach.

2023 – 2024

Sustainable Rewards Transformation

Driving the Journey Toward Sustainable Rewards

Novo Nordisk is on a journey to redefine its rewards system, aiming for greater transparency and sustainability across the company. This company-wide transformation is not just about changing policies but about evolving the organizational culture to ensure these changes are deeply ingrained and widely accepted.

Behavioral science plays a key role in this process. It helps us understand how employees react to change, what motivates them, and how best to engage them. By applying behavioral insights, we design interventions that resonate with employees, making the transition smoother and more effective.

Our role in this journey involves several key activities:

  • We craft targeted change management strategies that address both the human element and systemic adjustments needed to support sustainable rewards.
  • We conduct training sessions that are not just informational but also designed to shift mindsets and specific behaviors, like interpersonal risk-taking.
  • We establish feedback loops that are critical for monitoring the impact of the changes, allowing us to gather baseline data and the effectiveness of the new reward structures.

Through this journey, Novo Nordisk is  building a culture that values transparent and equitable rewards. Behavioral science ensures that this isn’t just a change in policy but a lasting transformation that aligns with the company’s values and the needs of its people.

Novo Nordisk case study - Neurofied client case - Gamified Transparency Assessment

Screenshot from the gamified transparency assessment

“Communication and way to share the knowledge was excellent. What I liked the most were definitely the interventions and, in particular, the fact that Neurofied adapted them to our challenges and context.”

– People & Organizations Lead at Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk case study - Neurofied client case - 4 themes cheat sheet blurred

Leadership cheat sheet with evidence-based decision-making techniques (blurred)

Current Engagements & Notable Outcomes

We are currently collaborating to embed the CEO’s four strategic leadership themes—ranging from empowerment and decision-making to efficiency—into concrete behaviors. Through behavioral research, we’re identifying key behaviors that align with Novo Nordisk’s values and goals. The challenge then shifts to ensuring these behaviors are not only adopted but also sustained. Employing evidence-based interventions, we integrate these behaviors into the organization’s systems and processes, guaranteeing that they are reinforced over time and align seamlessly with the company’s strategic objectives.

Stakeholder engagement has been a remarkable success metric, revealing the effectiveness of our evidence-based approach. This surge in engagement means we’re starting to overcome complex barriers and facilitating behavioral change throughout the organization. Furthermore, the readiness to adapt and resilience in the face of change are additional key indicators of the impact of our partnership.

The Road Ahead

Our ongoing role as a behavioral business partner will continue to support Novo Nordisk in driving sustained organizational change. From influencing decision-making in senior leadership to enhancing well-being and resilience among front-line staff, we’re committed to driving change that is rooted in a deep understanding of human behavior.

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