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Brain & Behaviour



Writing quality Brain & Behaviour content is hard but worth the effort. You don’t have to be an expert in psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics, psychobiology, systems thinking, technology, and all other relevant scientific disciplines.

Nor do you have to understand all business areas such as leadership & management, HR, innovation, marketing, UX, CRO, and product. But you do need to know some and ideally it’s an unexplored combination of science and business.

If you think you have what it takes, please fill in the form below.

What we like

Write about something we haven’t written before.
Write about something people search for.
Be passionate about the topics you write.
Expertise on the relevant topic is appreciated.

What you’ll get

Access to the Neurofied Community.
A platform for sharing and developing ideas.
Insights in Brain & Behaviour.
Access to tons of information to write and learn about.