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Brain & Behavior for Growth

Our free online course on understanding your target audience with brain & behavior insights

☑ Optimize your conversion with psychological principles
☑ Understand the cognitive biases that guide behavior
☑ Step-by-step analyses of real-world case studies

Based on our 9.2 ★ training

7+ hours of science-backed videos

Apply learnings instantly

Brain & Behavior for Growth helps you with

Brain & Behavior for Growth - online marketing & growth

Online Marketing & Growth

✔️ Understand how your audience thinks and decides.

✔️ Increase loyalty and retention through emotional incentives.

✔️ Create attention-grabbing and memorable campaigns.

Brain & Behavior for Growth - CRO and experimentation

Conversion Optimization & Experimentation

✔️ Ground your A/B tests in science-backed hypotheses.

✔️ Gain more insights from your data with Brain & Behavior.

✔️Predict your users’ decisions with behavioral principles.

Brain and behavior for growth - UX design and customer journey

UX Design & Customer Journey

✔️ Grow your mindset from user-centric to brain-centric.

✔️ Remove subconscious friction from the user experience.

✔️ Increase motivation to encourage desired behavior.

Brain & Behavior for Growth preview

Predict and shape your prospect’s path

Whenever you are motivating, nudging, or communicating with your audience, you are essentially predicting behavior. What makes someone tick might seem complex and counter-intuitive but can be surprisingly simple when you know the rules of the brain. This course is designed to teach you just that through the science of Brain & Behavior.

What you will get with Brain & Behavior for Growth

7+ hours of video lectures

The fundamentals of applying behavioral psychology and neuroscience through theory, practical applications and real-world cases.

Actionable key insights

Each chapters’ most valuable insights that you can apply instantly. Carefully selected and brought in bite sized format.


70+ pages on how to experimentally apply B&B in an online environment such as UX design, marketing and CRO.

This course was inspired by …

Working with
50+ companies

Lecturing at 10+ universities

Training 1500+ professionals

Learning for 2500+ hours

Course chapter overview

1. Eagle-eye view: Brain & Behavior explained

We kick off with the paradigm shift that started all this. Chances are that a lot of what you know about your audience, customers (and yourself) is based on a false assumption. Time to shift your thinking with a valuable new perspective.

  • Find out how Brain & Behavior is relevant for what you do

  • Understand the #1 insight out of 50 years of customer psychology

  • Dive into insights, practical tactics and case studies

2. Key principles: The building blocks of Brain & Behavior

Truly understanding your customers requires some behavioral psychology and neuroscience. Since these fields are huge, we selected the principles that are absolutely key and turned them into action.

  • Learn the essentials of how your customer’s brain works

  • Understand the roles of attention, perception & memory

  • Integrate principles in campaigns, copywriting and user journeys

3. Brain-centric approach: Deconstructing your challenge

Science is fun, but only valuable when you can actually do something with it. We created a framework that helps you turn insights into action: The Brain-Centric Approach

  • Integrate & align psychological principles with your (digital) strategy

  • Identify psychological solutions for your challenges

  • Prevent behavioral tactics from backfiring

4. Decision-making: Leveraging predictable irrationality

About 95% of our decisions are made subconsciously. This chapter is about understanding the hidden forces that shape customer’s choices and how they can be positively influenced.

  • Understand how your customers and users make choices

  • Become a choice architect and design how choices are presented

  • Enrich your customer journeys by mapping out decision-making processes

5. Cognitive biases: Navigating the subconscious

You might have heard of these ‘biases’ before. The good news: They are the absolute key to predicting decisions and behavior. The ‘bad’ news: There are over 200 of them!

  • Recognize 12+ key cognitive biases like anchoring, framing & priming

  • Leverage cognitive biases to optimize customer experience

  • Learn to work with cognitive biases in an innovative and ethical way

6. Behavioral change: Building your toolkit

Time to move from brain to behavior. By turning your knowledge into practice, you’ll learn how to leverage powerful behavioral drivers to change and motivate behavior. Also, you’ll bump up your persuasive communication skills.

  • Understand behavioral drivers like friction & motivation

  • Subtly change customer behavior with the NUDGES framework

  • Set the context for lasting impact and effect

7. Operationalization: Turning tactics into action

This is where it all comes together. Start combining the best tactics and strategies, learn from leading companies through step-by-step real-world cases and start using the very first Brain & Behavior tool.

  • Overcome limitations by combining interventions

  • Learn how companies like Apple and Garmin apply Brain & Behavior

  • Use the Cognitive Biases Database to design your own tactics

Your instructors

Philip Jordanov - Neurofied (Cognitive neuropsychologist)

Philip Jordanov

Cognitive Neuropsychologist
Lotte Visser

Lotte Visser

Neuropsychologist & Designer

Benjamin Davey

Neuroscientist & Editor

How others experienced it

Marcel Molenaar

Marcel Molenaar

Online Producer @ Van Ons

“The course was very well structured and you clearly noticed that a lot of time and effort went into this. Great vibe and it really felt like the start of a journey, including some very handy tools.”

Daan Bakker

Daan Bakker

Global Director of Growth @ Virtuagym

“Great kick-off to learn how to apply behavioral psychology and neuroscience. The cognitive biases were especially insightful and useful.”

Adrie Smith - Recruitee

Adrie Smith

Head of Content + Branding @ Recruitee

“Really good introduction to the applications of neuroscience in marketing. For someone who’s interested in human behavior and working in content, this was a really good experience.”