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Growth Mindset program

Empowering your people to turn setbacks into improvement opportunities

Growth Mindset program

We currently live in a world of continuous change and growing uncertainty, employee turnover, disengagement, and even burnout rates are surging. One of the key reasons for this is that our brains are hardwired to resist change, avoid risk, and be averse to uncertainty.

Decades of research in behavioral psychology and neuroscience (specifically Carol Dweck, developmental psychologist at Stanford University) identified a way for organizations to cope with this: instilling a Growth mindset. 

People with a Growth Mindset believe that they can develop their talents and skills through commitment, education and perseverance. It helps employees take risks, embrace challenges, and maximize feedback and learnings.

Why a Growth Mindset Culture?

What are the benefits of a Growth Mindset for your organization?

Worker satisfaction




The Business Case for Growth Mindset

To showcase the business value of nurturing a culture of continuous learning and feedback, we designed the visual on the right. This flowchart shows how Growth Mindset initiatives affect key organizational areas and metrics.

Depending on your unique situation and needs, we will identify, design, and implement the change interventions that will most directly impact the metrics and goals you want to achieve.

Growth Mindset business case impact by Neurofied

Our methodology

As with any impactful organizational change, Growth Mindset initiatives benefit strongly from a behaviorally informed approach. This is where our evidence-based, design-led methodology comes in:

  • 1. Behavioral Strategy: We co-create a clear plan of action informed by brain & behavior insights to map the goal, scope, priorities, risks, and metrics.

  • 2. Behavioral Insights: We identify the changes needed to embed Growth Mindset in habits, behaviors, and processes throughout your organization.

  • 3. Behavioral Design: We design a set of science-backed interventions that will help you achieve the desired changes in people and systems.

  • 4. Behavioral Change: We ensure positive, effective, and lasting adoption of Growth Mindset and a culture of continuous growth.

Neurofied Methodology - Behavioral Strategy, Insights, Design, and Change

Growth Mindset in the Energy Transition

We work on Growth Mindset with a large energy manufacturer that provides energy to more than 50 million people. One of their top priorities is the energy transition, which calls for structural changes and a global shift towards renewable energy. 

In their position as a market leader, this transition requires their people to prepare for rapid change, disruption, and new challenges. They decided to nurture and strengthen the Growth Mindset of their people and asked us to help them with the change management.

Growth mindset Neurofied

Growth Mindset program FAQ

To effectively nurture a Growth Mindset culture in your organization, we designed a program in which we help you from start (change strategy) to finish (implementation & hand-over). Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

What does the GM program look like?

The exact length and form depend on your chosen business cases but generally, we work with your project team to drive the Growth Mindset initiative through our four phase methodology:

  1. Behavioral Strategy
    We assemble the project team, define the change strategy, identify success and risk factors, map key metrics, and kick-start the project.
  2. Behavioral Insights
    We facilitate deep dives with your Business Units, perform a behavioral analysis, and adapt our change strategy to the collected insights.
  3. Behavioral Design
    We design evidence-based change interventions for nurturing a Growth Mindset culture that align well with your BU-specific context.
  4. Behavioral Change
    The second half is all about implementing, measuring, optimizing, and scaling an effective and lasting Growth Mindset cultural change.
What are the deliverables?

We decide on the deliverables together based on the scope of your project. You can find an overview of example deliverables below:

  • a Growth Mindset change strategy uniquely for your organization
  • a way to measure the effectiveness of this initiative
  • a map of behaviorally informed risks and opportunities
  • a collection of Growth Mindset-nurturing change interventions
  • aligned and engaged stakeholders and change champions
  • measurable change in your organizational culture
  • an executive briefing and proper hand-over to project team
Who will we work with?

Our Growth Mindset program is always led by a senior behavioral expert and change consultant, backed by our research and operations team. This approach allows us to provide you with a dedicated contact, specialize the roles in our team, and increase our workload capacity when necessary.

Over the years, we also built a strong network of experienced partners in areas like change management, learning & development, data analysis, and much more. When your situation requires specialized expertise, we can introduce you to quality professionals we’ve worked with before.

What exactly are change interventions?

Behavioral scientists refer to interventions as a method of changing behavior for the better. We have collected hundreds of science-backed interventions and use frameworks like priorities-habits-systems and COM-B to pick them most effective interventions.

The perfect intervention is low effort, high impact, and clearly measurable in results. Here are some examples of Growth Mindset interventions:

  • Redesigning and optimising how feedback is given and received
  • Help leadership role model and communicate Growth Mindset
  • Giving employees the tools and strategies to speak-up during meetings
Are there any requirements?

Only a contact person, clarity on the goal and scope, and the relevant onboarding which we help you set up.

Larger projects will benefit from having a project group and/or steering commission but we will always help drive this during our partnership.

To get started, all we need is for you to involve us so we can proactively help you build behavioral solutions to organizational challenges.

What our clients think

Marthe Huigens

Strategy & Innovation Manager @ PVH Europe

“The value of Neurofied lies in their ability to create a safe environment that helps all voices to be heard. Their genuine care for the individual made collaboration easy for all stakeholders. From the get-go they really tried to understand the organization, the underlying politics and the intangible elements within the Global Support Plan.”

Sandra Rademaker - Neurofied Essent

Sandra Rademaker

Compensation & Benefits Specialist @ Essent

“In designing sessions with employees about a growth mindset, Neurofied has shown that they can quickly switch and deliver, think along and adapt their approach based on what is needed and asked, and also with knowledge and sharp insights from behavioral psychology and neuroscience. possess. Moreover, Philip is a passionate speaker who knows how to convince with substance.”

Lorien Verachtert

Lorien Verachtert

Communication Strategist @ LDV United

“Neurofied helped me build the bridge between theory and practice. The knowledge I possess now makes me more credible. It gives me the tools to back-up and substantiate my ideas.”

Marius Boer

Head of Support @ PVH Europe

“Blending brain and behavior with practical application is the game changer. They managed to take people along on the journey. When the going got even tougher they stepped up to drive success.”

Stefan Sprangers

Online Data Analyst @ KPN

“Neurofied gave us insights into clearly defining our key KPI to prevent bias from entering the analysis. We also learned how to better structure our learnings.”

Bas van de Pol

Bas van de Pol

Global Director Conversion Optimization @ Adidas

“Very impressed by Neurofied’s knowledge regarding cognitive biases and their application in CRO.

Ren Yee UNSense Neurofied

Ren Yee

Director of Design & Strategy @ UNSense

“We have had the pleasure to collaborate with Neurofied on pushing the boundaries of spatial design and cognition, by combining our knowledge and design/analytical tools of architecture, digital service design, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. We believe that these interdisciplinary collaboration will deliver better human-centric design for our built and digital environment”

    A selection of our clients

    Neurofied clients: Tesla, Adidas,, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, essent, deloitte, abn amro, tele2, Novo Nordisk, ANWB, Johnson & Johnson, RWS