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Organizational Change Management

Evidence-based, human-centric, and behaviorally informed change
with insights from behavioral psychology and neuroscience





Evidence-Based Change Management

Most organizational change management projects have a large behavioral component. We specialize in driving the people side of change by leveraging insights from behavioral psychology and neuroscience while driving change through evidence-based change interventions.

Behaviorally informed change management (Behavioral OCM) turns insights from psychology and neuroscience into evidence-based strategies and interventions that promote effective and lasting change.

Whether you are deploying a digital transformation, implementing new systems or software, or reanchoring the culture of your company, ask yourself: where would you involve behavioral specialists?

Brain & Behavior in Change Management

The root cause of many failed change projects lies in the fact that many 20th-century change models do not reflect human behavior in 21st-century organizations. Let’s rethink change through the lens of behavioral science.

Change Management Projects

People & Cultural Change

There are many ways in which your people and culture change continuously and some examples of how we can help are…

✔️ building cultures of trust, inclusion, growth, and experimentation
✔️embedding habits into people’s daily practice
✔️ overcoming resistance to change

Way of Working change

We often transition from one way of working to the next. Each of the methodologies below revolves around thinking in a new way to make new decisions which cause different behaviors, leading to better results.

Some examples of projects in which we can support you are…

✔️ Hybrid: working digitally from home
✔️ Project management: lean, agile, six sigma, scrum
✔️ Quality control: Business Process Re-engineering, Total Quality Management, Enterprise Resource Planning

Transformational Change

Big transformations often revolve around changing behavior. Behavioral insights can help with…

✔️ Digital transformations
✔️ Leadership transformations
✔️ HR transformations

Systems & Process Change

When a lot of people in your organization have to adopt a new process or use new software, behavioral insights are very useful, especially in…

✔️ integrating stakeholder feedback into the communication and adoption strategy
✔️ facilitating decision-making and planning strategy and sessions
✔️ aligning the current way of working with the requirements


Relocations of large-scale operations are challenging because they require both swift decision-making and strong planning skills along with operational excellence. We can help by…

✔️ providing science-backed decision-making and planning tools
✔️ driving and adapting the change process to the situation
✔️ facilitating sessions with key stakeholders

Example Activities & Deliverables

Change starts and ends with people. A big part of our role is to..

✔️ optimise the flow of communication
✔️ align with key stakeholders
✔️ ensure leadership buy-in

Our brains are hardwired to resist change, which impacts planning & decision-making. We battle these biases through…

✔️ tools for improved decision-making and planning
✔️ mitigating and managing behavioral risk
✔️ removing unconscious barriers of change

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, but only when culture is well-defined and brought to the forefront of change.

✔️ Behavioral risk management & mitigation
✔️ Removing unconscious barriers of change
✔️ Tools for planning & decision-making

Communication explains why and how, adoption can help with the how and what.

✔️ Adapting communication and adoption needs to stakeholder feedback
✔️ Creating the communication strategy and assist in implementation
✔️ Designing science-backed behavioral interventions

What gets measured, gets managed. Data will help us streamline the change process.

✔️ Identifying critical success & failure factors early on
✔️ Doing research and interviews to gather data
✔️ Adapting change process based on data

What our clients think

Ren Yee UNSense Neurofied

Ren Yee

Director of Design & Strategy @ UNSense

“We have had the pleasure to collaborate with Neurofied on pushing the boundaries of spatial design and cognition, by combining our knowledge and design/analytical tools of architecture, digital service design, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. We believe that these interdisciplinary collaboration will deliver better human-centric design for our built and digital environment”

Marius Boer

Head of Support @ PVH Europe

“Blending brain and behavior with practical application is the game changer. They managed to take people along on the journey. When the going got even tougher they stepped up to drive success.”

Sandra Rademaker - Neurofied Essent

Sandra Rademaker

Compensation & Benefits Specialist @ Essent

“In designing sessions with employees about a growth mindset, Neurofied has shown that they can quickly switch and deliver, think along and adapt their approach based on what is needed and asked, and also with knowledge and sharp insights from behavioral psychology and neuroscience. possess. Moreover, Philip is a passionate speaker who knows how to convince with substance.”

Stefan Sprangers

Online Data Analyst @ KPN

“Neurofied gave us insights into clearly defining our key KPI to prevent bias from entering the analysis. We also learned how to better structure our learnings.”

Marthe Huigens

Strategy & Innovation Manager @ PVH Europe

“The value of Neurofied lies in their ability to create a safe environment that helps all voices to be heard. Their genuine care for the individual made collaboration easy for all stakeholders. From the get-go they really tried to understand the organization, the underlying politics and the intangible elements within the Global Support Plan.”

Lorien Verachtert

Lorien Verachtert

Communication Strategist @ LDV United

“Neurofied helped me build the bridge between theory and practice. The knowledge I possess now makes me more credible. It gives me the tools to back-up and substantiate my ideas.”

Bas van de Pol

Bas van de Pol

Global Director Conversion Optimization @ Adidas

“Very impressed by Neurofied’s knowledge regarding cognitive biases and their application in CRO.

    Our change methodology

    To effectively apply brain and behavior insights, we divide our change and consulting projects into the four phases below. The phases in our methodology are illustrated sequentially but in practice, it’s an iterative and dynamic process which loops back regularly.

    • 1. Behavioral Strategy: We co-create a clear plan of action informed by brain & behavior insights to map the goal, scope, priorities, risks, and metrics.

    • 2. Behavioral Insights: We measure change readiness and impact, identify behavioral drivers and bottlenecks, and prioritize change management tools.

    • 3. Behavioral Design: We design a set of science-backed interventions that will help you achieve the desired changes in people, process, and systems.

    • 4. Behavioral Change: We ensure positive, effective, and lasting adoption of organizational and behavioral change through strategic and operational support.

    Neurofied Methodology - Behavioral Strategy, Insights, Design, and Change

    Areas of Expertise

    Evidence-based change management by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

    Applied behavioral science for positive and lasting organizational change.

    Employee Engagement and Growth Mindset by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

    Applied behavioral science for a happy, motivated, and productive workforce.

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

    Applied behavioral science for an inclusive culture that leverages diversity.

    Leadership Development by Neurofied (Areas of Expertise)

    Applied behavioral science for effective, adaptable, and resilient leaders.

    Neurofied clients: Tesla, Adidas,, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, essent, deloitte, abn amro, tele2, Novo Nordisk, ANWB, Johnson & Johnson, RWS

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