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How We Work

Our process for applying behavioral science to organizational change management

In a rapidly evolving competitive landscape, securing and sustaining an edge through transformation is both a challenge and opportunity. A holistic and behaviorally informed approach, enabling mindset and behavioral changes at scale, holds the key to enduring success.

The Pillars of Our Behavioral Science Approach


Our strategies are built upon robust research findings, ensuring that every step we take is informed and purposeful.


Quantifying behaviors and their impacts allow us to monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.

Behaviorally Informed

Designing inclusive interventions that align with natural tendencies ensures higher adoption rates and sustained change.

Our Methodology

Our approach can be divided into four phases, each embodying a core aspect of the transformation process.

How We Work at Neurofied: applying behavioral science to change management

4 Phases of Behaviorally Informed Change Management

Phase 1: Behavioral Strategy
  • First, we delve into the core challenges of your organization, laying a solid foundation for crafting a bespoke behavioral strategy.
  • This phase is pivotal in setting the vision, aligning the strategic direction with the desired behavioral outcomes.
Phase 2: Behavioral Insights
  • With a clear strategy in place, we can map the relevant behavioral dynamics at play within your organization.
  • Through a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods, we garner insights that are pivotal for designing effective interventions.
Phase 3: Behavioral Design
  • Leveraging behavioral insights, we craft evidence-based interventions tailored to encourage the desired behavioral shifts.
  • Every intervention is designed with a human-centric ethos and aligned with your organizational culture for higher adoption rates.
Phase 4: Behavioral Change
  • Interventions are piloted, evaluated and optimized before as we set the stage to deploy them at scale.
  • We assess the impact, align the outcomes with your goals, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning.

This methodology isn’t a linear process, but a cyclical journey of constant evolution, where each phase enriches the next, enabling a responsive and dynamic approach to addressing your organizational needs.

Evidence-based interventions FAQ

What are interventions actually?

In the context of change management, an intervention refers to a deliberate, structured, and planned set of actions that aim to alter the status quo. These actions could be aimed at shifting organizational culture, improving processes, or enhancing individual and team performance.

They are in many ways simply the ‘how’ to achieve your ‘what’.

Why are interventions useful for professionals?

Interventions come in handy when managing change because they provide a structured way to navigate the often chaotic process of change. And although you might not think of them as ‘interventions’, as a change manager you are undoubtedly already designing and implementing a ton of them.

What are some examples of interventions?

Since our mission is to democratize this knowledge, we offer a variety of freely available Youtube videos on evidence-based interventions.

Here are some examples of evidence-based change interventions our clients found particularly useful:

  • Premortem helps mitigate risks by anticipating potential challenges and devising proactive solutions.
  • Public Narrative Utilizes storytelling as a tool for change management with evidence-based narratives.
  • Psychological Safety focuses on creating an environment of psychological safety to enable open dialogue.
  • Red-Blue Team encourages constructive conflict within teams to improve decision-making.
  • Metric Development aims to quantify the impact of Diversity & Inclusion interventions through robust metrics.
  • 30-3-30-3 Rule is a communication framework designed to effectively convey change initiatives.
  • Reference Class Forecasting utilizes historical data to make more accurate budget forecasts for projects.
  • Organizational Network Analysis utilizes network analysis to identify key stakeholders and optimize engagement strategies.
  • VUCA Change Provides strategies for leading change in environments characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity.
What makes an intervention evidence-based?

Evidence-based interventions are grounded in scientific research and validated through diverse real-world applications. We integrate multiple levels of evidence—from peer-reviewed studies to expert insights—to ensure actionable, ethical, and scalable solutions.

The Neurofied Assurance

Transparency, trust, and flexibility are the cornerstones of our engagement policy.
Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

Open Communication

From project inception to completion, we maintain a clear line of communication to keep you well-informed at every stage.

Tailored to Your Needs

Every organization is unique so we provide tailor-made strategies that resonate with your organizational culture and objectives.

Going the Extra Mile

Your success is our success. We are committed to pushing boundaries to ensure we achieve positive and lasting change together.

Ethical and Inclusive

Our strategies aim for inclusivity and equity, embodying practices that drive change and foster a culture of fairness & respect.

As your behavioral business partner, we help you navigate organizational change, grounded in science, driven by results, and guided by ethics.

How others experienced our collaboration

Marthe Huigens

Strategy & Innovation Manager @ PVH Europe

“The value of Neurofied lies in their ability to create a safe environment that helps all voices to be heard. Their genuine care for the individual made collaboration easy for all stakeholders. From the get-go they really tried to understand the organization, the underlying politics and the intangible elements within the Global Support Plan.”

Sandra Rademaker - Neurofied Essent

Sandra Rademaker

Compensation & Benefits Specialist @ Essent

“In designing sessions with employees about a growth mindset, Neurofied has shown that they can quickly switch and deliver, think along and adapt their approach based on what is needed and asked, and also with knowledge and sharp insights from behavioral psychology and neuroscience. possess. Moreover, Philip is a passionate speaker who knows how to convince with substance.”

Lorien Verachtert

Lorien Verachtert

Communication Strategist @ LDV United

“Neurofied helped me build the bridge between theory and practice. The knowledge I possess now makes me more credible. It gives me the tools to back-up and substantiate my ideas.”

Marius Boer

Head of Support @ PVH Europe

“Blending brain and behavior with practical application is the game changer. They managed to take people along on the journey. When the going got even tougher they stepped up to drive success.”

Stefan Sprangers

Online Data Analyst @ KPN

“Neurofied gave us insights into clearly defining our key KPI to prevent bias from entering the analysis. We also learned how to better structure our learnings.”

Bas van de Pol

Bas van de Pol

Global Director Conversion Optimization @ Adidas

“Very impressed by Neurofied’s knowledge regarding cognitive biases and their application in CRO.

Ren Yee UNSense Neurofied

Ren Yee

Director of Design & Strategy @ UNSense

“We have had the pleasure to collaborate with Neurofied on pushing the boundaries of spatial design and cognition, by combining our knowledge and design/analytical tools of architecture, digital service design, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. We believe that these interdisciplinary collaboration will deliver better human-centric design for our built and digital environment”

    Neurofied clients: Tesla, Adidas,, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, essent, deloitte, abn amro, tele2, Novo Nordisk, ANWB, Johnson & Johnson, RWS

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