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Evidence-Based Change Training

Learn to drive positive, effective, and lasting change with
insights from behavioral psychology and neuroscience

Rated 9⭐ out of 10

Science-backed methodology

Tailored to your challenges

Evidence-Based Change Training

In times of uncertainty, change is the only constant in organizations and human behavior is the key driver for leading successful, long-term change. In this evidence-based change training, your team will both learn and apply evidence-based change management interventions to overcome your organizational challenges.

Evidence-based change training by Neurofied

Is this training for me?

This masterclass is valuable for all professionals dealing with change on a daily basis and essential for:
  • Change managers
  • Executive teams
  • P&O teams
  • HR departments
  • Teams undergoing changes

Why evidence-based change training?

The human brain is hardwired to resist change and avoid uncertainty, making organizational change notoriously difficult. The key to changing human behavior and culture lies in understanding the underlying psychological barriers and designing human-centric solutions that motivate and drive change.

Having worked with 100+ companies in applying behavioral science, we have identified dozens of science-backed interventions that will help you develop an agile, adaptive, and resilient organization that thrives in constant change.

Evidence-Based Change Training 2 by Neurofied

Example training formats

Tailored Training

This training is a 2-hour event provided in-house and includes…

✅ a 45m crash course covering the fundamentals of applying brain & behavior science including 15m of Q&A
✅ 1 hour of applying behavioral insights to your business case
✅ team access to slides and training summary
 follow-up call to kickstart your implementation

Training + Workshops

This is a 4 hour event hosted by you in which we co-create the perfect session for the audience and includes…

✅ a 1.5 hour Masterclass on the behavioral science and neuropsychology behind change
3 workshops in 2.5 hours where the audience will apply evidence-based change interventions
✅ selection and customization of relevant change interventions based on your business cases
✅ team access to slides, summary, and handouts
✅ a follow-up call to help you drive change

evidence-based change training in healthcare

Evidence-Based Change Training in Healthcare

We worked with a leading organization and research institute in treating chronic illnesses like diabetes and obesity. With over 47.000 employees working in 80 offices that distribute in over 168 countries, they rely on constant innovation to keep up with a rapidly changing world. We delivered a keynote on leading evidence-based change combined with three workshops in which the attendants implemented these proven behavioral change interventions.

In this case study, you will read about our evidence-based change training in healthcare for our anonymized client. We can easily adapt the masterclass and workshops to your unique team, organization, or industry.

Learning goals

Behavioral insights

A deep understanding of behavior in your organization and how behavioral and cultural change comes about.

Framework for change

A science-backed framework that helps you design, measure, implement, and scale change throughout your organization.

Evidence-based change interventions

Evidence-based interventions that drive change applied to your unique business cases/challenges.

Training outline

1. Core principles

We kick off with the core principles of Brain & Behavior in change that every team needs to know.

  • Find out how fast and slow thinking influence your stakeholders decisions

  • Identify which cognitive biases can block change and how your can mitigate them

  • Understand how changes in context shape behavior and how you can leverage this

2. Framework for change

Learn how to achieve lasting and positive behavioral change by using a validated framework that aligns priorities, behaviors, and processes.

  • Learn to set clear and actionable change priorities

  • Identify desired behaviors and turn them into scalable habits

  • Optimize systems and processes to reinforce changes

3. Real-world examples

See how leading organizations applied Brain & Behavior to achieve successful change in cases like…

  • creating cultures of diversity & inclusion

  • cultivating an organizational growth mindset

  • fostering constructive conflict to increase employee engagement and performance

4. Intervention toolkit

Expand your change management toolkit with step-by-step evidence-based behavioral interventions that help you…

  • increase engagement with circular accountability
  • scale change through a network of change champions

  • shift cultures by aligning social norms
5. Interactive workshops

By splitting up in groups, you’ll tackle change challenges unique to your organizations using newly learned tools and interventions. Examples of workshops are…

  • mitigate unseen risks by running a premortem
  • mobilizing change by constructing a  powerful public narrative
  • cultivating scalable habits by designing if-then plans
    6. Q&A

    The training is highly interactive and we encourage questions and dialogue but we’ll make sure to reserve time to recap and deep dive into pressing questions.

    Reviews from attendees

    Interesting approach based on neuroscience and different from other change management workshops.

    Very concrete, with tangible tools and examples. And then applying the theory right away.

    I loved the fact that somehow this is something that we can put into practice on our upcoming projects.

    I really like the context/introduction provided, based on science and also the 3 tools provided that are very useful for our work.

    Great to have break out sessions and really apply the knowledge in a snappy way; it sticks to mind having done that.  The speakers were also really knowledgeable and the session was super engaging.

    Speakers communication and way to share the messages was excellent. What I liked the most were definitely the activities and, in particular, the fact that they were adapted to NN challenges and context.

    Useful tools and very practical hands on exercises, yet fun!

    It has encouraged us to actively reflect on various types of bias in our work. And there are many!

    Best combination of nerd and practical, super inspiring!

      Evidence-based change training in ecommerce

      Evidence-Based Change Training in Ecommerce

      We worked with a leading ecommerce webshop in the Netherlands to help their commercial department thrive in an unpredictable market. They asked us to help them create a culture of continuous improvement through constructive conflict among 90 of their retail leaders and managers.

      In this case study, you will read about our evidence-based change training in ecommerce for our anonymized client. We can easily adapt the masterclass and workshops to your unique team, organization, or industry.

      A selection of our clients

      Neurofied clients: Tesla, Adidas,, KLM, KPN, KWF, UNSense, NRC, essent, deloitte, abn amro, tele2, Novo Nordisk, ANWB, Johnson & Johnson, RWS