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Stakeholder Engagement webinar

Webinar 4 in our series on Behavioral Science in Organizational Change Management.

13 March 2024 on Youtube Live

Webinar based on our new book The Dynamics of Business Behavior:
An Evidence-Based Approach to Managing Organizational Change.

In 2023, Philip Jordanov and Beirem Ben Barrah wrote a book on applying behavioral science in organizational change management. It will be published globally by Wiley in March-April 2024 and we designed this webinar series to share the behavioral insights and evidence-based interventions discussed in the book with change management, HR, DEI, L&D, and other professionals.

Book-Related Webinar Series

The book explores evidence-based change, a behaviorally informed and human-centric methodology for managing change across your organization. Here is a book outline:

  • Part 1 discusses the fundamentals of…
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Behavioral Science
    • Behaviorally Informed Change Management
    • Evidence-Based Interventions
  • Part 2 explores how BeSci can be applied in 6 areas of OCM…
    • Planning & Risk Management (focus of this webinar)
    • Narrative & Communication
    • Leadership Support
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Measuring Change
    • Learning & Development

Practical Details
& webinar link

Date: Wednesday March 13, 2024
Youtube Live

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Stakeholder Engagement webinar

Wednesday March 13, 2023 at 12 AM CET on Youtube Live

Discover how to integrate behavioral science into your stakeholder engagement activities. In this webinar designed for professionals committed to driving lasting change in their organizations, we’ll discuss…

  • Behavioral insights in stakeholder engagement: Understand how behavioral science principles can help you better understand stakeholders and engage with others more effectively.

  • Engaging with stakeholders: Explore how behavioral barriers and biases enable or suppress engagement strategies. We’ll also discuss things you can do, from psychological safety to stakeholder mapping tools.

  • Two evidence-based interventions: We’ll cover two specific, research-backed techniques that enhance stakeholder engagement activities in organizational change initiatives.

Your webinar host

Philip Jordanov - Neurofied - cognitive neuropsychologist and lead consultant & trainer

Philip Jordanov

Cognitive Neuropsychologist & Behavioral Strategist