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Customer Journey webinar

A behavioral perspective on the value of journey-centric thinking
in talent development, inter-team collaboration, and the customer experience

Customer Journey webinar

Wednesday October 5, 2022 at 12 AM CET on Zoom

As most business models become increasingly customer-centric, aligning different teams and departments around a shared vision and framework becomes essential. The Customer Experience seems to be a prime candidate for this role, especially when using a customer journey.

Gaps between phases of the customer journey, caused by insufficient communication/process, often indicate the root causes of churn rate and customer retention. In this webinar, cognitive neuropsychologist Philip Jordanov discusses strategies that help you tackle these issues by aligning your teams and departments around your unique Journey-centric Customer Experience.

Date: Wednesday October 5, 2022
Zoom (link in email after you register)

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Philip Jordanov - Neurofied (Cognitive neuropsychologist)

Philip Jordanov

Cognitive Neuropsychologist & Behavioral Strategist