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Growth Mindset webinar

What can you do to make your team or organization more agile?

Growth Mindset webinar

Wednesday July 6 at 12.00 AM CET on Zoom

In a world of continuous change and growing uncertainty, employee turnover, absence, and even burn-out are increasing. How do you deal with this as a manager, executive, or HR specialist? Growth Mindset is one of the main answers coming from behavioral psychology and neuroscience research.

The Growth Mindset model was developed by Stanford developmental psychologist Carol Dweck and plays an increasingly big role in the culture of high-performing organizations. This webinar explores the applications and science of Growth Mindset for an agile, motivated, and engaged culture.

In this webinar, cognitive neuropsychologist Philip Jordanov, will discuss practical business cases, frameworks, and techniques to nurture and reinforce a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, empowering people to perform at their highest potential.

Date: Wednesday July 6 2022
12.00 AM CET
Zoom (the link is in the email you get after registering)

Growth Mindset webinar

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Philip Jordanov - Neurofied (Cognitive neuropsychologist)

Philip Jordanov

Cognitive Neuropsychologist & Behavioral Strategist

Why a Growth Mindset culture?

What are the advantages of a Growth Mindset for your organization?

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