Author: Ian MacCorquodale

After studying Brain & Cognition at the University of Amsterdam I knew I wanted to try to make neuroscientific findings applicable in some way. This idea led me to Neurofied. Marketing is an art. A creative pursuit based on assumptions. I add the science of how our brain and psychology works. We (humans) know a lot about our brain but we don’t apply it to get better results. That’s what I do. Mostly in three areas: websites, online marketing, and education through workshops. With the rise of research areas like Consumer neuroscience, Neuromarketing, Behavioural economics and Artificial intelligence, it is a great time to be alive :)
Make a list, and check it twice

Make a list, and check it twice

Buying gifts is not as simple as walking out the door, picking up what your friends and family want (or need), and being back home within ten minutes....

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