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C-3PO or Threepio from Star Wars - Photo by jens johnsson

Why a chatbot can improve your company

The world is changing. Artificial Intelligence is growing and becoming more and more visible, also in our everyday life. We all have used a chatbot before, but now supermarkets offer you the choice to pay at the grumpy lady of row number four, or quickly scan the groceries yourself and pay without any human interaction. Tesla is making cars where you can almost sleep behind the wheel: they will warn you whenever you drive outside your lane and will make sure you keep enough distance to the car in front of you. Even cleaning your house becomes easier with robot vacuum cleaners that do all the hard work. And you can always ask Siri: “Do I need an umbrella today?” The main idea behind this automatic revolution is to make things easier, faster and simpler for us humans.
Making friends with a 'chatbot' - Photo by Andy Kelly
Making friends with a ‘chatbot’ – Photo by Andy Kelly

March of the chatbots

Where 2008 was the year of the app, 2018 will be the year of the chatbot. Even though the existence of chatbots is not really a new development (the first one was introduced in the early 90’s), more and more companies nowadays are interested in implementing them. Big guys like National Geographic, Starbucks and Duolingo are already getting help from chatbots. You can speak with Einstein, order your coffee or learn Spanish with them. At Duolingo the use of chatbots was a big improvement for people that are embarrassed or scared to practice a foreign language with real humans. “As far as we can tell, computers can’t judge usDuolingo CEO Luis von Ahn says. This shows that the use of chatbots reaches further than only customer service and we can use them in many ways, depending on how creative you are.

Why they work

It’s not a coincidence that the bigger companies already use chatbots in various ways if you look at the advantages they have. We will briefly discuss a few to give you an idea:
  • cost saving: once a chatbot is installed, it will work for free as long as you want and whenever you want;
  • consistency: chatbots can answer questions endlessly, without getting tired or frustrated. They will be as friendly at 1 in the morning as they are at 4 in the afternoon;
  • capacity: a chatbot can speak many languages and can handle multiple conversations at the same time.
Imagine trying to find an employee that has all these features. Someone that works whenever you want, for free and never gets tired. An employee that is able to do all of this will always cost you more – and is definitely superhuman! Moreover, research shows that people don’t seem to care if they are talking to a real human or a robot, as long as their problem is solved.
Chatbot by Snaptravel
Chatbot by Snaptravel

Use in eCommerce

The use of chatbots in eCommerce is also growing significantly. A lot of brands are using them to recommend products, improve communications with their prospects, provide customer service or drive sales. Did you know that people are willing to spend more than $400 through a chatbot? And that 40% of consumers want to receive offers and deals from chatbots? Chatbots nowadays do more than just offer a good deal. They can help consumers identify what product they want and need. In eCommerce, chatbots can be used in the form of site navigation (Shopbot, Snaptravel), lead generation, recommendations (Mica), FAQ, customer data, branding (Nike chatbot) and more. The options are endless. If you’re looking for inspiration, have a look at Topbots’ list of brands and how they get help from chatbots.

Mimic our emotion

The biggest challenge for chatbots is to find a way to replicate our emotions. Human emotion is a fascinating thing and not easy to copy. Feelings and thoughts are non-tangible products of our mind. On the other hand, too much emotion is also not a good thing. A super emotive chatbot may freak out your customers. Recent Artificial Intelligence developments are already this far, that a chatbot has the ability to pick up conversational rhythms and accents. This is possible with so-called natural-language processing (NLP) and creates the possibility to mimic human conversation. Simply said, a chatbot is able to analyze input data, form context and discover new patterns in order to react to spoken or written feed. The whole execution is based on algorithms and based on how the human brain works with its nerve cells (neurons) and their responsiveness to each other.

Create your own chatbot with us

The best news? Chatbots are becoming effective and affordable enough for your eCommerce business. At Neurofied we help our clients in creating a human-like chatbot with Quriobot. By combining neuropsychology and marketing, we’ll improve the online experience of your customers and increase your online sales. Curious? Contact us so we can start creating yours!

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